Review: The new Bastian of good taste is now in Worli

Review: The new Bastian of good taste is now in Worli

Mumbai’s fave celeb den serves mock meat dishes, instagramable desserts and has a bar with an elevator

Food: Imaginative

Ambience: Chic

Price: Well-priced

Seated inside the spacious new outpost of popular Bandra-based diner, Bastian, you’re bound to feel transported into an otherworldly trance. The well-known culinary destination has found a new address in Worli and comes together to offer a contemporary-meets-Art Deco ambience, innovative food and an enthralling experience.

Our interest piqued when we heard that this larger-than-life space has an all-new menu designed by South Korean chef, Boo Kim, of Dirty Buns fame, Chef Amol Phute (who has been with Bastian since 2016) and Chef Victor Manuel Murguia Mancilla (of Sancho’s Khar) and a 28-feet-tall bar, accessible by an elevator, no less. So, we dropped in to check it out and here’s what we thought.

All about the vibe

It’s impossible to miss Bastian Worli’s 40-feet high ceiling, the moment you walk in. Its retro-inspired entrance archways, low ceilinged fans, monotone interiors and dimly lit interiors, dotted with socially distanced tables, help create a relaxed-but-luxe vibe.

Ranjit Bindra, managing director at Bastian Hospitality Pvt Ltd echoes this when he says, “The first thing that you will notice upon a visit to Bastian, Worli, is the massive floor space and the elaborate interiors. But we have attempted to go beyond aesthetics to focus on the all-round experience that our restaurant promises to offer.”

Once we are shown to our tables, we call for our drinks, beginning with a classic Daiquiri and the interestingly named, Clover Club, which comes with lemon juice, Tanqueray gin, raspberry puree and egg whites. Created by John Leese, group beverage manager with the brand, the cocktails at Bastian are an eclectic mix of all-time favourites and innovative tipples, ensuring there’s something for everyone. “My objective is to push people out of their comfort zone and get them to try out new spirits they might have not ordinarily considered,’’ Leese explains.

Putting food on the table

The food, which has a range of offerings, including small and large plates and trendy desserts, combines Asian, Californian and European influences to give you a hybrid mix of flavours re-imagined artfully. ''People have spent most of 2020 cooped up in their homes, with nothing to do but eat. It’s only now that most have begun to step out & attempt to resume a normal life. I believe many will now want to take to healthier living with plant-based food replacements like mock meat, almond milk and the likes. We are looking at adaptations in this regard that will include the most popular types of comfort food. You can also expect innovation in unusual combinations and several east-meets-west flavours including teriyaki, yakitori, salsas and more. You can also expect to find simpler, yet sophisticated combinations and a return to basic greens'' says Chef Boo Kwang Kim, F&B Director at Bastian Hospitality.

The Snapper Crudo The Snapper Crudo

We begin with a plate of cool, creamy Burrata salad topped with black olives, cherry tomatoes and sliced strawberries. The buttery consistency of the cheese prepares us for what comes next – the Snapper Crudo. Swimming in a zesty lemon chilli seasoning with avocado mousse, fresh herbs and chopped jalapenos, this piquant dish ranks number one our list. Next up, is the succulent Lobster Tail Robata with Miso Garlic Butter and Lemon, which doesn’t disappoint, and understandably so, given that Bastian is, first and foremost, known for its top-notch seafood staples. We wash this down with a round of the fruity, Bourbon-based, Appleberry Rocks, which is a little bitter with tangy undertones.

The Bourbon-based, Appleberry Rocks The Bourbon-based, Appleberry Rocks

By now, we’re full to the brim but find it hard to turn down chef Kim’s signature – The KFC or Korean Fried Chicken. “I’m from Korea, so this one’s pretty close to my heart,’’ he adds. The familiar and comforting classic comes with a soy-sauce glaze, melted mozzarella and sesame seeds, bursting with umami goodness. We end our meal on a sweet note, as all good meals should be, and opt for the uber-trendy Tiramisu Pull-Me-Up Cake (yes, the ones that have inundated your social media feed recently). Soaked in coffee, this sweet treat has a pillowy sponge cake, warm coffee syrup, mascarpone mousse and a whole lot of drama. And we think it’s safe to say, that we totally dig it.

The Korean Fried Chicken The Korean Fried Chicken

From its sprawling space to the sprightly cocktails, innovative take on classic dishes and its oh-so-extra desserts, the new outpost of Bastian at Worli is worth all the chatter. And if you’re picking up the phone as we speak to make a reservation, then well, you’re on the right track.

Picture Credits: Bastian

Where: Wadia International Center, Pandhurang Budhkar Marg, Kamagar Nagar Number 1, Worli, Mumbai 400025.

When: 6 pm to 11 pm

Call: 07208656074 or 07208656073

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