Bring in the New Year with these classic cocktails

Bring in the New Year with these classic cocktails

Because no celebration is ever complete without a good cocktail

We’ve finally reached the end of what has seemed like the longest year of our lives, and for everything we have been through, we deserve to celebrate with a drink or two. Even with social distancing practices in place and us all avoiding the annual extravagant celebration, we can greet the new year with a delicious drink in our hands, and look forward to a 2021 filled with positivity and endless possibilities.

Whether you plan on laying low or are scheduled to appear fashionably late for a party on Zoom, our list of classic cocktails will help you toast to fresh starts and new beginnings.

Sit back and sip your way into the new year.


Carrie Bradshaw’s cocktail of choice, the Cosmopolitan, is absolutely iconic; the glass of pink soared to popularity during the 90’s and has been a favourite ever since. It’s tangy, vibrant and surprisingly easy to make. The drink comprises vodka, cranberry juice, triple sec and lime juice, shaken together in a cocktail shaker along with ice. The sweetness of oranges from the liqueur mixed with the tartness from cranberries and lime results in the signature taste that the drink is known for.


Said to be Ernest Hemingway’s go to drink, there is more than one reason why this minty refreshment has remained a classic. While it is a popular summer cooler, the combination of sugar, citrus and herbaceous flavours make Mojitos an year-round favourite. The cocktail is made by gently crushing mint leaves and lime wedges together in a glass along with sugar, or simple syrup. Rum, lime juice and ice are added in next, followed by some club soda for an extra pop. Does it check all of your sweet spots? It’s mint to be!


Here’s one that tastes and feels like summer. It certainly is one of the most popular cocktails. The name translates to “bloodletting” in Spanish, referring to the drink’s red wine base. It is made by incorporating chopped up fruits such as peaches, apples, oranges, berries etc. in red wine, and sweetened by mixing in orange juice and sugar. To give the drink that extra boozy kick, you can also add in some brandy or your choice of flavoured liqueur. Be careful or you might just end up keeping the whole pitcher for yourself.


Easy and tasty, Margaritas make for a great New Year’s Eve companion. Combine tequila, orange-flavoured liqueur, lime juice and ice cubes in a cocktail shaker and give it a good swirl. Prepare your glass by running a lime wedge across the rim and dipping it in coarse salt. Pour in the drink and enjoy the taste of the tangy, sweet, icy-cold concoction. If you don’t want to end up as drunk as Ross Geller, make sure you share your Margaritas, and wear oven mitts when dealing with hot plates of fajitas.

Piña Colada

If you miss sipping cocktails with the view of the ocean in front of you, may we suggest finding relief in the tropical flavours of a Piña Colada? While Rupert Holmes’ song, Escape, certainly helped with the popularity of the cocktail, the combination of pineapples and coconuts has rightly earned its place in our hearts. Blend pineapple juice, coconut cream and white rum with a handful of ice until it's smooth, and pour in a glass. If you haven’t already gulped your drink down, garnish it with a pineapple wedge.

Riti Agrawal

Riti Agrawal

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