Saransh Goila Will Now Serve You Food, Blindfolded!

Saransh Goila Will Now Serve You Food, Blindfolded!

Pop up food fests food fests saransh goila flavours Be ready for a blind tasting at this unique food pop-up.

Imagine yourself seated for a meal, blindfolded. Yes, you heard that right. Chef Saransh Goila is hosting a pop-up meal where he's going to cook a 5 course meal featuring dishes from all over the country later this month, but with a twist. The #sadakchef will blindfold his guests while they taste their food.

The celebrity chef, whose cookbook chronicles recipes and food stories from across the country, is currently busy with his food delivery service, Goila Butter Chicken. If you are signing up for the pop-up, expect to be served five signature regional dishes from the north, south, east, west and central India.

At a time when the pop-up movement is almost saturated, Goila's lunch comes as a unique idea so to speak. So, go sign up!

What: Flavours #1 - Blindfold Pop-Up Meal by Saransh Goila

When: September 28, 2016.

Where: The Hive, Khar west.

Buy your tickets here.

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