Secret Recipe: How To Make The Perfect Aloo Parathas

Secret Recipe: How To Make The Perfect Aloo Parathas

aloo paratha, aloo paratha recipe, paratha recipe, perfect aloo paratha Serve your aloo parathas warm with a dollop of butter. Photo: India Food Network

Everybody loves a good breakfast. And aloo paratha fulfills that. Don't they just perk up a lazy Sunday morning? A spicy potato filling inside, and a soft, sometimes subtly crunchy outside make for a happy breakfast indeed. Especially when it is served with a dollop of butter! Add some fresh curd and homemade mango pickle on the side and your weekend is made.

Tip 1: Make sure you leave the dough to rest before you roll them into parathas and stuff them. Add some oil while preparing the dough. This way you will get a non-sticky dough.

Tip 2: While you are making the filling, grate the potatoes so that it gets evenly mashed. This way you will have a fine texture while stuffing the paratha.

Tip 3: Avoid adding chopped onions in the potato filling. They tend to release water and makes it difficult to roll the paratha.

Tip 4: For a nice flavour, add aamchur or mango powder to the potato stuffing. Additionally you can add kasuri methi or dried fenugreek.

Tip 5: Once the parathas are ready, keep them in a casserole, but once the steam evaporates or else they will soften due to moisture.

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