Secret Recipe: How To Make The Perfect Soups

Secret Recipe: How To Make The Perfect Soups

soups, perfect soups, tips to make good soup, how to make the perfect soup, tips on making the right soup Soups make for light summer meals. Photo: India Food Network

With summer comes the added pressure of what to eat and what not to eat. So once the heat becomes unbearable, it is wise to turn to light meals.

Since drinking lots of fluids is a good way to keep yourself hydrated in summer, we suggest you to bring in some character to your diet in the following months. Make lots of soups and stews as they are healthy, easy and quick to make too.

Here are a few tips to making the perfect soups in the comfort of your kitchen.

A good soup needs a good stock. Make whatever soup you like, but ensure that you are using a flavourful stock. It could be a homemade stock using vegetables or meats, or a readymade one available at supermarkets.

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Texture goes a long way in ensuring the perfect soup. Sieving the soup once it is cooked gives a fine texture and also a velvety smooth taste. It also makes your soup appealing!

Pack your soups with flavours. Flavour is key to any dish, and soups are no different. Add the best quality cheeses, aromatic veggies or meats as per your taste. Also be careful while seasoning the soups for something less or extra may mean disaster.

Always simmer your soups. Do not boil soups vigorously. This will make your veggies mushy, and meats to harden. Cook it on a low flame and ensure that it is not boiling away too hard.

Check the temperature of the cream. If you like your soups creamy, ensure that the cream is warmed before adding to the simmering soup. If the cream is cold, chances are that the soup may curdle.

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