Sip On These Easy Homemade Cocktails Over The Weekend

Sip On These Easy Homemade Cocktails Over The Weekend

cocktails, alchohol, drinks, weekend Kick back with a glass of homemade cocktail.

The weekend is almost here which means a lot of crazy parties are on the cards. And while some love to break a leg at fancy pubs, others like to settle down on their couch with a drink while binge watching their favourite TV show.

But just because you’re home doesn't mean you should be sipping on boring drinks. Have a little fun while you chill at home with these homemade cocktails.


This classic cocktail has withstood the test of time and pairs really well with almost anything. To make it, start by rubbing a lime wedge over the rim of a Margarita glass and coat it with coarse salt. Mix the ingredients with lots of cracked ice and strain into the glass.

Dark N Stormy

If you are a fan of everything dark and edgy, then this drink is your match made in heaven. Make it by filling a glass with lots of ice, rum and ginger beer. Squeeze in the lime wedge and add it to the drink. Then, just sit back and sip on it like a boss!


Much like the city, this drink is straight up savage! To make it, mix whiskey, sweet vermouth and Angostura bitters with lots of crushed ice. Pour into your glass, top with a cherry and drink up.

Gin And Tonic

There is nothing easier than making this cocktail. Mix together gin and tonic water with lots of crushed ice. Add the lime wedge and serve.

Vodka Martini

James Bond’s cocktail of choice is also easy to make! Begin by mixing together vodka and dry vermouth with lots of ice. Strain and pour in your martini glass, garnish with an olive or lemon peel and drink.

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