Smoking Hot: The Boston Butt, Kala Ghoda

Smoking Hot: The Boston Butt, Kala Ghoda

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There’s a new place in town and it’s smoking its own meat and making its own sausages. The Boston Butt, a new smoker, charcuterie and bar is bringing the southern American fare to Mumbai along with drinks from the prohibition era. Created by Nishant Rao, Meghana Shinde along with chef partner Siddharth Kashyap, the restaurant focuses on using slow cooking technique. The meat is smoked and roasted for over 12-13 hours using various kinds of wood.

It was chef Kashyap’s love for hosting barbeque parties in the backyard of his Mumbai home that lead to the inception of The Boston Butt. Decked up in an old industrial look dripping with southern charm, the restaurant is split into two levels. With enough sunlight coming in, The Boston Butt makes for a perfect afternoon with food and beer.

The Boston Butt menu The Boston Butt potato skins The Boston Butt Kala Ghoda Smoked BBQ Potato Skins

The bar menu has some unusual concoctions like the Curry Scented B***H – vodka, cherry brandy, dates, curry leaves and cranberry and Gold Rush – dark rum, southern comfort, cinnamon, star anise and apple. The food menu is meat-heavy but gladly, the vegetarians haven’t been ignored. The House Made Tacos with smoked aubergine dip pack a punch. The Bloom Bread with burnt garlic, yellow cheddar, gouda, scallion is buttery soft and the best part is that all their breads are baked in house.

The 12-hour slow-cooked St Louis style peppery slow smoked pork ribs is the highlight of the entire non-vegetarian menu and rightfully so; the pork has a deep smoky flavour with flesh just falling off the bone. The restaurant prides on its steak (buff for now) and is planning on getting craft beers on tap. The Skillet Cookie – drizzled with chocolate sauce and topped with vanilla and salted caramel ice-cream (made in-house) is perfect way to wrap up a meal here.

The Boston Butt menu The Boston Butt desserts The Boston Butt Mumbai The Boston Butt skillet cookie Skillet Cookie

With October heat nearing, we know where we’ll be spending our afternoons.

Where: The Boston Butt, Rampart Row Building, 1st Floor, 30K Dubash Marg, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai

Time: 12pm - 1.30am

Price: Rs. 2,500 for meal for two

The author was invited by the restaurant for a tasting session.

The author is a freelance food and travel writer and shares her stories on Foodchants. She is on a perpetual quest to learn about the history of regional food.

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