Staying Healthy the Zodiac Way

Staying Healthy the Zodiac Way

Since early times, it has been believed that each zodiac sign is associated with one or more body parts that it rules over. Though there is no medical evidence to back this up, it is uncanny how true this association works out to be for many. These body parts are the ‘Achilles Heel’ of each sign, and acute stress of any kind would affect these areas more quickly and prominently. There are, of course, those who believe that this is humbug. Only you can be the judge of this. Why not read through the information about the sun sign ruling you, and those whom you know and hold dear, and decide for yourself how true, or not, this is. If nothing else, you shall just have some fun. This article also suggests for you the foods you can eat, and avoid, to remain healthy and to lower the chances of these body parts working against you.


Vulnerable areas: Head, Brain, Face

The constantly charged Aries often functions on overdrive, the mental wheels turning constantly. This, of course, makes the sign intelligent, but it also creates much mental stress that it results in headaches, migraines, and other health issues relating to the head and brain. Hair loss, and very fine or poor quality of hair also comes along as part of the Aries package. Fever, inflammations, and head and face injuries are common, as is indigestion, because the impatient Aries often eats too fast, or eats on the go, not paying mind to the nutritive value of what is being wolfed down. The impatience and demanding nature of Aries, along with the fiery temper, can also lead to high blood pressure.

The foods that can be considered as a defence against headaches and migraines are orange, yellow, and green vegetables, brown rice, cherries, cranberries, bananas, and maple syrup. The foods to be avoided are cheese, alcohol, packaged and canned foods that contain food preservatives, processed food, peanuts, salty and crunchy foods, fermented foods, and dairy products.


Vulnerable areas: Neck, Ears, Throat

Colds, sore throats, stiff necks, and ear infections are the irritants for Taurus. The thyroid gland, larynx, and tonsils are affected by this sun sign too, as is the lymphatic system. It is essential that Taurus pay close attention to getting regular exercise, as this sign can make you sluggish and gain weight. The

Taurean is nothing if not self-indulgent. The good things in life are like magnets for Taurus, whether it be art, dinnerware, or rich food. The latter often creates problems for the digestive system, also increasing the risks associated with cholesterol, and heart ailments. Taurus will benefit from having vegetable juices, clear soups, garlic, ginger, bananas, cranberries, nuts, turkey meat, fish, eggs, beans, wheatgerm, fresh fruits, and green salad. Foods to be avoided are rich foods, and foods that contain high quantities of salt or sugar. Also avoid rice and potatoes.


Vulnerable areas: Lungs, Shoulders, Arms, Hands

‘Quick, quick, quick’ is the inner shout of Gemini. Always on the go, constantly trying to be everyone’s friend and make a good impression, and multitasking at a rate that would exhaust the steady Taurus, Gemini is prone to nervous exhaustion and problems relating to the nervous system, respiratory system, upper limbs and shoulders, lungs and diaphragm. Sleep does not come easily to Gemini, and many of this sign suffer from insomnia. Activity, especially mental activity, is required to keep the Gemini healthy, but the tendency to take on more than can be handled, results in anxiety, headaches, and


Yoga and meditation are very beneficial for Gemini, and keeping a strict eye of what is being eaten is most necessary. Instead of eating large and heavy meals, it is better for Gemini to have multiple mini-meals during the course of the day. These mini-meals could consist of yogurt, buttermilk, paneer, grapefruit, grapes, apples, fish, shellfish, leafy vegetables, and vegetables that are orange or red in colour. Coffee, tea, and stimulants and intoxicants of any kind must be strictly avoided by Gemini. Junk food and processed foods make Gemini even more ‘charged’ and are harmful for the nervous system.


Vulnerable areas: Breasts, Chest, Stomach

The worrywart, Cancer, is so sensitive to the emotions of others, and so protective of loved ones, that the emotional stress can lead to depression if allowed to escalate. The empty nest syndrome is as difficult for Cancer, as having too much and too many to take care of. Cancer loves to feed, and loves to eat. Food can also be used as a distraction from emotional turmoil, resulting in stomach bloat, obesity, indigestion, and acidity. Acute emotional stress can lead to colitis, ulcers, diarhoea, and nausea. Cancer women suffer more severely from PMS than other signs, and their already unpredictable mood

swings get even worse at this time.

Foods that help to maintain, and regain, emotional balance are good for Cancer. These include lettuce, okra, tomatoes, cucumber, eggs, fish, ryebread, millet, and fresh fruit. Oats, ginger, chamomile and yogurt are also very good.

Starch, sugar, rich foods, and spicy gravies do not suit the Cancer stomach at all, and must be avoided. Any food that is prepared with a lot of masala or strongly seasoned sauces could trigger an unpleasant reaction from the delicate Cancer stomach.


Vulnerable areas: Heart, Back, Spine, Blood

A powerful ego brings on control issues, and this, in turn, leads to high blood pressure, and heart related ailments for Leo. If the haughty Leo does not listen to good advice well in time, blocked arteries, a weak spleen, and spine problems are likely to be lifelong companions. Desirous of looking good, Leo could overdo exercises and land up with back strain or injury. Self-indulgence and excessive habits can be Leo’s undoing. Praise and admiration are excellent for Leo’s good health, but a balanced diet and enough sleep cannot be ignored.

Nuts, seeds, non-citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, coconut, raw vegetables, brown rice, ryebread, lean meat, fish, and homemade cheese and yogurt bring energy back to the overworked Leo, and keep the heart healthy. Chia seeds, coconut water, buttermilk, watermelon, and cucumber bring cooling to the hot

temper of Leo.

Salt intake must be carefully monitored, and fatty foods eaten only on infrequent ‘cheat days’.


Vulnerable areas: Abdomen, Intestines

Weight is an issue for Virgo, and stomach ailments and eating disorders remind them of the stress they hold within, as they live their lives desiring perfection. Virgo can get obsessed by health and diet, but this is also because they are upset when things are not going as they wish them to. Virgo can get very nervous if they are unable to find a solution to a problem, and this further exacerbates abdominal issues, often leading to ulcers, constipation and colitis. Worry can also lead to skin eruptions, skin rashes, and dandruff.

Green leafy vegetables are, both, enjoyed and healthy for Virgo. Whole wheat, eggs, wheatgerm, almonds, lean meat, citrus fruits, and raw honey are good for the sensitive Virgo. Herbal teas soothe the upset stomach, and bring some inner calm that Virgo is so much in need of.

Chocolate does not love Virgo, and must be eaten in very small quantities. Creamy sauces, spicy gravies, and highly seasoned foods are detrimental to the health of Virgo.


Vulnerable areas: Kidneys, Adrenal Glands, Skin

Libra seesaws between constipation and diarrhoea, and must constantly monitor what they eat. Fads and diets do not work on Libra because they set off reactions that push the body into imbalance. Water is more needed by Libra than other signs, as the water element brings mind-body and acid-alkali balance. Water also helps to keep the skin healthy, and to flush out the kidneys that are an extremely sensitive trigger point of Libra. A harmonious home environment, pleasing work place, and well-oiled relationships are what Libra needs to maintain good health. Communication and decision making are two areas that cause Libra to be stressed out, as they cannot bear being judged poorly. This leads to lower back pain, dandruff, and skin breakouts.

Red coloured fruits and vegetables, seafood, poultry, hard, unprocessed cheeses, vegetable juice, herbal tea, clear soups, yogurt, buttermilk, green salad and coconut are good for health, and help Libra to eliminate toxins. Libra needs a high-protein diet that is balanced by a little whole wheat bread.

Poor sleep or inadequate sleep is worse for Libra than the rich foods that distend their stomach. Alcohol and carbonated drinks lead to poor health of the kidneys and must be avoided.


Vulnerable areas: Bladder, Genitals, Ovaries, Testes

No one can deny the close association that Scorpio has with sexual energy. This can lead to either celibacy or overactive sexual urges. Due to this association, the sex organs and the reproductive system are the trigger points for Scorpio, who must be careful not to contract sexually transmitted diseases as they take a painfully long time to heal, and often Scorpio has to endure the symptoms for far longer than other signs. Painful period pains, and heavy menstrual flow, as also fibroids, can trouble the Scorpio woman. Scorpio is known to hold on to past hurt, and this is detrimental to the immune system, making the Scorpio prone to infections. UTI is common in, both, Scorpio women and men.

Though red meats and sugar are best avoided by Scorpio, often what needs their urgent attention is not what they eat but how much they eat. Scorpio must learn moderation, and strive to eat a balanced meal every single time, entirely avoiding processed foods and alcohol. Overeating is more harmful for

Scorpio than they believe it is. Water is very important for Scorpio, and is needed to flush out the toxins.


Vulnerable areas: Hips, Thighs, Sciatic Nerves, Vision

Exploration is the name of the Sagittarius game. New countries, new cultures, new cuisines, these are the thrills that are dearly sought after. Sagittarius would rather explore on foot than from inside a vehicle, and needs to pay attention to the health of hips and thighs. And to the eyes, of course, that take

in far more than Sagittarius lets on to others. Always in a hurry to be somewhere else, Sagittarius could be prone to accidents and injury.

Accumulation of body fat is an issue with Sagittarius, and can hinder, both, flexibility and easy movement in the advanced years of life. Fats, chocolate and alcohol are not friends of Sagittarius, but, besides these, the sturdy Sagittarius can have everything in moderation without suffering from any ill effects.


Vulnerable areas: Bones, Knees, Teeth, Skin, Joints

Exercises that strengthen good posture are ideal for Capricorn. Stiffness of joints and calcification of bones trouble them in advanced years, but this can be easily taken care of by regular exercise. Rheumatism and arthritis can come to Capricorn easier than to others, and maintaining acid-alkali balance is most essential. Do remember that alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking lead to a highly acidic inner environment, which would cause untold harm to Capricorn. Capricorn takes on a lot of burdens of others, and the effect of this is seen in the problems they face with bones and joints.

Foods that are high in calcium like broccoli, cabbage and okra, are as important as milk, cheese and yogurt. Nuts and fish are also good for Capricorn. Fresh fruits and fresh vegetables are most essential, and lean proteins are a vital addition to every meal.

Spicy food is not handled well by the Capricorn gut, and highly acidic foods are

not good for the bones. Both must be avoided.


Vulnerable areas: Lower Legs, Ankles, Blood Circulation

Aquarius is unpredictable. More unpredictable than even Cancer, and that’s saying something. They will go to any length to help those they believe need their help, but will have no hesitation turning their back on those whom they judge as unfit or not in need of help. They often lack the social conditioning that make most of us hypocritical, and are blunt and forthright. If it’s black, they don’t see why they should call it dark grey! And they certainly don’t get why that should offend you! This often poses communication problems for them, which, frankly, affect them less than it would others. They are mentally very agile, and are excellent in a crisis, because they are not emotionally inclined, and detach themselves from emotional drama, preferring instead to focus on problem-solving, and facilitating change and reform. But this mental agility can sometimes be the cause of mental stress, which, in turn, causes problems in blood circulation that affects their lower legs and ankles. It is not uncommon to find Aquarius limping along but refusing to stop doing what they need to do, to pursue their chosen goals. They can be careless about their diet because they have good constitutions, but poor blood circulation can lead to painful varicose veins, hardening of arteries, and other complications.

Berries, fresh fruits and vegetables, and nuts, especially walnuts and almonds, are the ideal diet for Aquarius, and the non-vegetarians (few of these in this sign) can partake of chicken. Green tea is excellent for them as it helps in good blood circulation. Fruits like oranges that contain Vitamin C are also good for this purpose, as is watermelon. Aquarius like their food spicy, and cayenne pepper is, in fact, good for them.

Fats and coffee are best avoided as they cause problems relating to blood circulation, but wine in moderate quantities can be enjoyed by them.


Vulnerable areas: Nervous System, Feet

Pisces is not only emotionally sensitive, but physically so as well. They have weak immune systems, and can get regular colds, sinus, and fever. Skin eruptions on the legs and feet are not uncommon, and Pisces seems to be more allergic to environmental triggers than many other signs. Pisces does not possess the natural hardiness required to cope with harsh realities, and turns to food, alcohol, sugar, caffeine, or drugs for comfort and escape. But this only brings about abdominal upsets, sluggishness, increased lack of focus, and lethargy.

What Pisces needs are foods that enhance their mental clarity, and keep them emotionally upbeat. The best amongst these are blueberries, followed by avocado, flax seeds and green tea. Most fruits and vegetables are good for Pisces, especially beetroot and spinach. The non-vegetarians should consider

chicken liver and shellfish as healthy and tasty options. A couple of pieces of dark chocolate (the darker the better) are great for that feeling of ‘all is right in my world’.

Chemicals are often harsh for the Pisces system, and this sign should try to stay away from areas where they can come in contact with chemicals or breathe in their toxic fumes.

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