Summer Quenchers: 8 Homemade Juices For You To Stay Cool

Summer Quenchers: 8 Homemade Juices For You To Stay Cool

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The temperatures are starting to soar, and with summer already here, coolers are a must. Aam panna, jal jeera and neembu paani have been our desi summer favourites for the longest time. But this summer, we want you to try something different.

How about using those fruits and veggies from your kitchen pantry to make bottles of homemade juices? They are quick, healthy and you don't need a juicer either!

1. Carrot-Apple

A simple blend to make with the easiest ingredients you can find. Add your carrots, apples, lemon juice, celery, salt and parsley in a blender, give it a buzz, strain and pour yourself a glass of health.

2. Spinach-Cucumber

Cucumber is quite the summer favourite. It's refreshing and goes well with almost anything. Pair it with some spinach, lemon, salt and pepper and you have yourself a glass of green goodness.

3. Pineapple-Beetroot

Getting its beautiful colour from the bright red beetroot, this juice is pretty as it is refreshing. Add some ginger to take this juice a few notches up.

4. Mango-Kale

The tangy mango and earthy kale make for an interesting combination. Blend in a little lime juice for the added zest and drink up.

5. Tomato-Orange

This tangy concoction is anything but boring. You can add some sweetness to it with a little sugar or honey to take the citrus level down.

6. Coconut-pomegranate

Take a trip to tropical land with this coconut and pomegranate juice. Coconut water mixed with the pretty ruby-like seeds make for a delicious summer quencher.

7. Watermelon-Ginger-Basil

Spice up your regular watermelon juice with a hint of ginger and basil. The sweetness of the melon compliments the ginger giving you the perfect summer drink to sip on while you tan in the backyard.

8. Beetroot-Berries- Broccoli

Although this sounds a little fancy, it’s a pretty good way to get some extra greens and antioxidants in your diet. The beetroot and berries add a beautiful colour and make it this totally Insta-worthy.

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