Sweets You Must Try This Christmas.

Sweets You Must Try This Christmas.

Christmas is about celebration and no celebration is complete without sweets. With the year coming to an end and the Christmas festivities going on in full swing, its the perfect time to indulge in sweet treats. The Traditional Christmas treats are usually made at home and require a little bit of mastery. However there are several Christmas treats that are easily available and you can enjoy them any time of the year. Christmas is the time when kitchens are perfumed with sugary fragrance. In the spirit of that here are a few treats that you can indulge in this Festive season.


Made with almond flour and sugar, these Christmas treats are originally form Italy. They are perfect to give to kids as they are usually decorated in the most creative ways. As small animals and other festive trinkets, these treats are simply adorable. Maybe too adorable to eat. Marzipan sweets are a must for you to try.


Another favourite with the kids as they are available in different colours and flavours. Jujubs are sugary treats that are hard to resist. Have a couple or a handful , these sugary fruity treats are sure to delight all. Available at most sweet marts across the city , these are yummy and pocket friendly.

Chocolate Fudge

Chocolate fudge is that old dessert classic that everyone loves to eat. Fudge is available in several types. The velvety texture of plain fudge just melts in your mouth. Where as the nutty variation is also a yummy variant. No matter, what type of fudge you eat, it is a yummy treat.

Rum Balls

Rum balls as the name suggest, are packed with alcohol and flavour. These uncooked balls , that are the size of golf balls are made with crushed wafers, biscuits and nuts and coated with chocolate. Traditionally the ingredients are soaked in the rum for a long time in order to get the perfect boozy flavour. The same can be made with coconut flakes and white chocolate to make snow balls.


Plum Cake

Its Christmas, so even the simplest of cake loafs gets a complete make over. A sweet cake with candied fruit treats , plum cake is an absolute classic. Every member of the family is sure to like and enjoy this moist, delightful cake. The ingredients for plum cake are also sometimes soaked in spirits.


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