The Best Way To Cook Carrots: Sauteed Carrots In Butter

The Best Way To Cook Carrots: Sauteed Carrots In Butter

On International Carrot Day, I feel the need to hero this ingredient, my beloved carrot. I've been wanting to share this recipe since a long time, but it's never too late! And, I take this day to share one of the easiest recipes that has been an important one to me and my family. And, what's better than an illustrated recipe?

How I came up with this recipe?

One day, I was just thinking about what can I do with the carrots that are graciously occupying space in my refrigerator. And, immediately Gajar ka Halwa came to mind. I was off sugar those days and I wanted to waiver my mind off that sweet, delicious Indian favourite dessert which I've grown up eating.

The other thing that came to mind was a delicious carrot dip! But, if I made the dip, I'd also have to make something that I could eat it with. I was too lazy; just wanted to put up my feet and magically wave a wand so that food would appear. So, basically this dish was the result of my laziness and the sugar-free diet that I was on.

I just started spiraling some coodles (carrot noodles) on the machine mindlessly and one thing led to another and there I had a dish ready to eat. Not only eat, but also the one that I devour. (My husband was impressed with my creativity). Also, the best part of my recipe is that you can alter it in many ways and add whatever you please. Keep tasting after every step and you'll know what you want to add in.

From then on, I made it in all different cuts and sizes and it tastes better each time!

How to make:

Use a choice of cut you're comfortable with: spiral, baby carrots that can be halved, thinly sliced, ribbons etc.

In a pan, add a 1 1/2 tbsp of butter.

Add chopped garlic, 2 cloves or more, if you like.

Add in the carrots (2-3)

After 6-7 mins season with salt and pepper

A splash of half a lemon

Add thyme if you like (I haven't)

You can also add toasted pine nuts and feta cheese to make it a party serving dish. (It looks pretty too)

Ready to serve.

This super boring (if you think) turns into a robust, full of flavour dish and can be eaten as wholesome meal. A bowl of yoghurt on the side is the best accompaniment.

Shreya Jalavadia

Shreya Jalavadia

Think of her as a delicacy. She could be a red sauce penne pasta or refreshing strawberry smoothie. A little sweet, quite tangy and unapologetic on the palate. Her soul is that of a gastronome, mind of an illustrator and heart of a writer. She uses these ingredients to plate up tasty stories about food at India Food Network as an Associate Editor. Be it her blogs, articles, reviews or food shows; she promises a wholesome affair.

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