The Making of a Restaurant

The Making of a Restaurant

The creative folk at IVM Podcasts recently teamed up with restaurateurs Gauri Devidayal, Jay Yousuf, Pankil Shah, Sumit Gambhir and Abhishek Honawar, AKA The Colaba Cartel, to get behind the scenes of the making of a restaurant. Each week they release a new podcast with the restaurateurs on different aspects of building a restaurant - from opening a spreadsheet to opening night!

So all you foodies who have always dreamed of owning your own restaurant, you will want to listen carefully. This exclusive series is hosted by Gauri Devidayal and IVM's Amit Doshi.

Ep 10: Menu

Get to know about all the delicious food on Miss T's menu from the consulting chef himself - Bawmra Jap, who runs the legendary restaurant in Goa called Bomra's. He talks to Gauri, Jay, Abhishek and Amit about how his love for eating got him interested in cooking, putting the menu of a restaurant together, how dishes evolve over time, and more. Listen here.

Ep 9: Decor

Do your favourite restaurants always have a signature look? Find out what goes into the design of a restaurant and the specifics of the interiors of Miss T on this episode with the architect who designed Miss T, Zubin Zainuddin of ZZ Architects. From bar design to cutlery, discover how Miss T has been designed as a highly functional yet beautiful space. Gauri, Jay and Zubin also share their favourite spots in the restaurant. Listen here.

Ep 8: Conceptualization

What goes into conceptualizing a restaurant? What comes first, the location or the concept? What is the concept behind Miss T? On this episode, Gauri and Amit are joined by Jay, Abhishek and Sumit, who talk about how they created a holistic experience for Miss T, why being original in your concept is indispensable, and a lot more. Listen here.

Ep 7: Collaboration

Why did the five restaurateurs decide to create Miss T together? How did this collaboration come about? What do each of them bring to Miss T? Joining Gauri and Amit on this episode are Jay, Abhishek, Pankil and Sumit to discuss the team work behind Miss T. Listen here.

Ep 6: Location

One of the most important things when you decide to open a restaurant is its location. On this episode, Gauri Devidayal and Amit Doshi are joined by Jay Yousuf, Abhishek Honawar and Sumit Gambhir to discuss how important is the location when selecting a restaurant, how licensing works, the philosophy behind how they chose the location for Miss T, and more. Listen here.

Ep 5: Sumit Gambhir

Meet Sumit Gambhir, the final member of The Colaba Cartel, who co-founded Woodside Inn and other restaurants around Mumbai with Abhishek and Pankil. On this episode, he talks about his hospitality background, his philosophy behind team building, managing the music at Woodside Inn, and why great food at a restaurant needs to be accompanied with great entertainment. Listen here.

Ep 4: Abhishek Honawar

Meet Abhishek Honawar, Director at Neighbourhood Hospitality, who's co-founded the crowd-favourite Woodside Inn, a boutique hotel in Jaipur called 28 Kothi, and other successful restaurants, bars and cafes in Mumbai and Goa. On this episode, he talks about how hospitality has been his calling, how Woodside Inn came into being, the role of community in the hospitality business and the importance of social media in the industry. Listen here.

Ep 3: Pankil Shah

Meet Pankil Shah, the next cartel member of The Colaba Cartel. Along with his friends, Pankil formed Neighbourhood Hospitality, the company that owns restaurants like Woodside Inn and Bombay Vintage. On this episode, he talks about how he decided the restaurant business was something he wanted to devote his life to, being tech-savvy and how the restaurant space hass been impacted by evolving technology in the last couple of years. Listen here.

Ep 2: Jay Yousuf

Meet Jay Yousuf, the entrepreneur who founded The Table and Magazine Street Kitchen along with his wife, Gauri Devidayal. On this episode, he talks about how he got into the restaurant business, spending 23 years in the US, and the dream that inspired him to return to India. Listen here.

Ep 1: Gauri Devidayal

Meet Gauri Devidayal, a former tax consultant who's now a successful restaurateur. On this episode, she talks about her entrepreneurial journey so far. She's founded The Table, the highly acclaimed restaurant in Colaba, and Magazine Street Kitchen, a one-of-its-kind co-cooking space in Mumbai. Listen here.

Ep 0: Meet the Cartel

Once upon a time, in the southernmost precinct of Mumbai, five collaborators came together to form The Colaba Cartel. They were Gauri Devidayal, Jay Yousuf, Abhishek Honawar, Pankil Shah and Sumit Gambhir. What is The Colaba Cartel? Stay tuned to find out. Listen here.

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