This Ramadan, Feast On These Biryanis From Across The Country

This Ramadan, Feast On These Biryanis From Across The Country

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Biryani, just the word makes every foodie go weak in the knees. The mix of fragrant spices, succulent meat and soft rice paired with a spicy raita, makes for the perfect meal. And even though we love our biryanis from Lucknow and Hyderabad, there are many different ones that are waiting to fill our plates and tummies.

So here are 5 biryanis that you need to try out this Ramadan.

Bohri Chicken Biryani

Who doesn't love a good chicken biryani? Grab a plate of the special, street style Bohri chicken biryani made with farm fresh chicken, yoghurt, nutmeg, potatoes and lots of fried onions. It’s true, nothing beats a steaming hot plate of chicken biryani.

Find the recipe here.

Bengali Fish Biryani

In a Bengali household, fish is an everyday affair. Right from the classic Macher jhol to Sorsebata ilish mach and so much more, fish can be found in almost every dish. So why should Biryani be left behind? Made with rich ghee laden rice, creamy coconut milk and a traditional fish preparation, this Bengali dish is bound to make you drool.

Find the recipe here.

Goan Mushroom Soya Biryani

Who says a vegetarian can't enjoy a good biryani? In the debate of ‘there is no such thing as a vegetarian biryani’, this Goan dish proves otherwise. Giving the meat a miss, this Goan biryani is loaded with mushrooms, soya and a whole lot of spices, making it one to reach out to for all the vegetarians.

Find the recipe here.

Lucknow Mutton Biryani

A popular North Indian recipe, this one comes straight from the kitchens of the Nawabs. Originally made with mutton, cashew paste, curd, star anise and mace powder, it tastes just as royal as it should. Topped with saffron and loads of asli ghee, it’s the star of every feast.

Find a recipe here.

Manglorean Prawn Biryani

Put your freshly bought jhinga or prawns to good use with this biryani. Made with fresh prawns marinated in spices, curd, tamarind and garlic, this biryani is a class apart. Top it with deep fried onions and mint leaves and it becomes the ultimate dream for anyone who loves their prawns.

Find the recipe here.

Get more biryani recipes by Jashn-E-Biryani by India Gate here.

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