This Week on IFN: About Neighbourhoods

This Week on IFN: About Neighbourhoods

The World’s 50 Best Restaurants were just announced and a miniscule part of the world are all aflutter about the list. The Indian contingent is ecstatic that one of us made it to the Top 5 (so what if he needed to leave India to do the kind of food that would get him global attention). I really should be more interested in these rankings, but forgive me for being a tad distracted. I am looking at a different kind of ranking this week.

Most people who pull statistics out of thin air claim that moving homes is the next most stressful life event after death in the family and divorce. I am all for this (fake) statistic. In my current state I would happily accept a jail term or marriage, at No. 4 and No. 7 on The Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale, over moving. This is the best-known scale of stress caused by different life events, and in my opinion in need of a serious review.

I’ve lived in 5 cities on 3 continents. Not unusually, I moved homes a few times whilst in a foreign country. More unusually, I am about to move into my fourth home in my home country (making it the thirteenth move in life). Is it any less stressful now that I have done this so many times? Not really. And this time round, rent aside, I can’t help but notice the differences between moving at home and abroad.

When I was looking at flats in London, the most important considerations were: commute to work; coffee shops in the neighbourhood; and the walk to the supermarket. Parks and pubs were an added bonus. A neighbourhood in the city was a near-complete ecosystem and one rarely needed to leave it for daily essentials – there is always a supermarket, dry cleaner and corner shop within a quick walk; one had breakfast on the weekend at the local café; and a good cup of coffee was easily accessible.

Back home in Bombay the list was: “cosmopolitan building” (so I can cook any animal or vegetable I choose without the fear of eviction); parking; 24/7 water and electricity; and availability of house help.

These criteria satisfied, I didn’t even consider the stress of not being within easy reach of everyday essentials. From my new home, my supermarket is 3.5km away; coffee shop, 1.6km; dry cleaner, 1km; and beauty salon is 2.2km. I may have changed homes… but I couldn’t change my life very much.

Something else that didn’t change was the activity in the India Food Network studios this week…

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