Tips To Follow While Ordering Food From Restaurants During Covid-19

Tips To Follow While Ordering Food From Restaurants During Covid-19

It's the third phase of the nationwide lockdown and it's no secret that the restaurant business has taken a major hit. But, there are restaurants who've opened up now and are taking all the necessary precautions to keep the deliveries safe and hygienic. Even the delivery giants like Zomato & Swiggy are reassuring people with their safety measures. While it was established a few weeks ago by experts, that coronavirus cannot be transmitted through food, most of us are still sceptical about ordering food from restaurants. However, this is completely one's choice but for those of you who are ordering, here are some valuable tips for you.

1. Choose contactless delivery while ordering food.

This simple step allows the delivery person to leave the package at your doorstep, thus avoiding any kind of contact. Most of the food delivery guys are also wearing gloves these days to avoid skin contact on surfaces. Once, they've left the package, you can pick it up and put it on a clean surface on the kitchen counter. If the delivery person is not allowed to enter the building, kindly ask them to leave the package near the security area from where you can collect it on your own.


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2. Choose online payment rather than cash on delivery.

This is yet another way to maintain social distancing and hygiene standards. You can also leave a tip for your delivery person with this mode of payment. After all, they're working tirelessly to deliver the food to you. In any case, if you choose to opt for cash on delivery, it's advisable to keep the exact change ready so that there is a minimum amount of contact between you and the delivery person.

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3. Discard the packaging & transfer the food in clean utensils.

Removing the food from the containers and transferring it in clean utensils is a crucial step. Once, you've done that, throw away the disposable containers immediately. Wash your hands before touching anything after this step.


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4. Before you eat, wash & sanitize your hands.

We're sure you've heard this million times by now but we're going to say to again, for your own safety! Whether you're working on your laptop or doing anything else, washing or sanitizing your hands before touching your plate of food is a must.


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5. Heat the food before consuming it.

In any case, you're not able to eat your food after transferring it in clean containers, reheating your food is advisable. There are many reports that suggest that heated food kills off the virus, therefore make sure your food is hot; also it tastes better when hot, isn't it?


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