Top 5 Immune-Boosting Recipes To Try For Better Health

Top 5 Immune-Boosting Recipes To Try For Better Health

Immunity boosters are the best thing to consume right now. The world is in a spiral with the coronavirus and everyone is only safe in their houses. We have to make sure we have the ability to fight off this virus by eating healthy and being hygienic. We're all going gaga about ingredients that help boost immunity. So, here we are with a list of immune-boosting recipes that are good for your immune system right now.

1. Palak Paneer

Your mother has been asking you for years to eat spinach but ew, who would eat a green veggie? But, did you know you can eat spinach in so many interesting ways? One of them obviously being Palak Paneer. You don't even realize there's palak in it. But, let's become Popeye for the time-being and be good to our bodies.

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2. Broccoli Pasta

Broccoli is packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and promotes healthy digestion. We usually stir fry our broccolis but did you know you can add them to your pasta? This broccoli dish could become a hit amongst kids for sure!

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3. Thakkali Rasam

Tomatoes are basically water that you can eat! And, it's also a fruit. It adds a lot of flavour and natural colour to your food. They are a great source of vitamin C, vitamin K, and potassium. You already know a lot of ways already to include tomatoes in your food but have you tried Deepika Padukone's favourite Tomato Rasam yet?

4. Red Bell Pepper And Tomato Soup

They may be known as "Angrez ka Shimla Mirch" but did you know they have a lot of health benefits? Red bell peppers contain twice as much Vitamin C as any citrus fruit and are good for your eyes and skin. Learn how to make this delicious tomato and bell pepper soup and make your mealtime even better.

5. Home Made Tadke Wala Dahi | Yogurt Gravy

We all know that yogurt does wonders for you and your immune system but did you know that there is something called Tadke Wala Dahi or Yogurt Gravy? If you're bored of eating the same lentils and veggies, this will surely take you by surprise and become a staple in your diet.

Most of these ingredients are likely to be in your kitchen. So, get cooking these delicious recipes because healthy can also be yummy. Your body will thank you for this.

Sakshi Chaturvedi

Sakshi Chaturvedi

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