How To Maximise Your Time In The Kitchen

How To Maximise Your Time In The Kitchen


Indian cooking has evolved over the years. And so has our lives in the kitchen. Since a busy lifestyle has left us pressed for time, it is only wise to rely on quick-fix solutions when it comes to preparing weeknight meals. What’s more, these cool time-saving strategies in the kitchen will leave you with enough time to catch your favourite sitcom on TV!

Strategy 1

Make a meal calendar

Imagine coming home every evening knowing exactly what you want to cook for dinner. A meal calendar is one that can be chalked out on Sunday evenings while you sip coffee by the window. Come up with a list of dishes day-wise so that once you are home after work, you can dive straight into the kitchen without wasting any time.

Strategy 2

Always cook extra

While most of us battle with leftovers, cooking extra portions once in a while always works. Plan freezer meals like chicken (or mutton) curries, or you could even marinate your meats in advance to make the most of your time. In any way, meats tend to taste even more delicious after a few days due to enhanced flavours.

Strategy 3

Prepare your masalas over the weekend

Indian food may require elaborate procedures and need more time to cook, but there are ways to minimise the effort. Preparing the base ingredients such as onion, ginger and garlic pastes and tomato puree in advance is how you could make time for say a movie after dinner. Grind them to paste and store in air-tight containers to use for future meals over the week.

Strategy 4

Invest in sharp knives

Keeping your knives always sharpened is an excellent way to save time and effort in the kitchen. Also, make sure to clean them after every use. This not only keeps them bacteria-free, but also sharp making your work faster.

Strategy 5

Clean as you go

If there is anything that requires almost equal time after preparing a meal, is cleaning up the space. So, why not clean as you go? Wipe the kitchen platform clean and stow the unnecessary utensils and equipment while your curries simmer. You will watch how you’ve become the kitchen ninja you always wished to be!

Strategy 6

Invest in an OTG

You do not have to be an avid baker to own an OTG as it is highly efficient and saves time when it comes to preparing quick meals in an Indian kitchen. If you already have some marinated chicken in the refrigerator or pre-cut veggies, then all you need to do is grill them in the OTG for a few minutes as desired.

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