Pyaar Bhari Diwali With Gowardhan Ghee

Pyaar Bhari Diwali With Gowardhan Ghee

As the awareness on health and nutrition increases, more people are taking a step back and assessing what they consume. Currently the country is enamored by healthy fats. Healthy fats like coconut oil and avocado are scoring high on all the trend reports.

Another healthy fat that has taken the food industry by storm is our humble ghee. Ghee is lactose free and better than butter, as it is low in cholesterol. Packed with fat soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K, Ghee is now a super food.

All this makes me giggle as Ghee has been a part of our staple diet for eons now. Ghee (a type of clarified butter) is synonymous to Indian cuisine and reminds all Indians of their home.

The smell of ghee instantly transports Indians back to their grandmothers' kitchens. Mention ghee, and I picture my grandmother and mother making Besan Laddus in ghee. The smell of saffron Sheera cooked in ghee makes me salivate.

It is amusing how we shunned our desi ghee and opted for western, fat substitutes under the notion of health. And now as the west adopts Ghee, we have taken notice of what has always been an intrinsic part of our food culture.

Trending or not trending, Indians will continue to cook with ghee. It’s considered auspicious to cook ‘Prasaad’ in ghee during festivals. Ghee that is often associated with richness, just makes sweet meats and crispy treats taste better. One can’t simply imagine Jalebi, Boondi Laddoo or Mysore Pak without ghee. This makes ghee the perfect ingredient for all our festive cooking.

This Diwali I made a batch of Karanjis using Gowardhan Ghee. Made with 100% pure cow’s milk Gowardhan Ghee is untouched by hand in the manufacturing process. The Karanjis turned out delicious and got a seal of approval from my grandmother.

A family favorite, I decided to enter this recipe in Gowardhan’s ‘Cook , Click , Share’ contest and show off my culinary skills.

All I did was made my favorite Diwali dish and entered the photo along with the full recipe using the hashtags #PyaarBhariDiwali #GowardhanIndia

You too can enter the contest by Click Here

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