Rains: Pakodas, Tikkis & More..

Rains: Pakodas, Tikkis & More..

Monsoon is here and so has our desire to munch on a lip smacking hot pokoras, aloo tikki and corn pakoras with green chutney. The list is endless...It is a pure pleasure to gorge on some tasty hot snacks along with a cup of hot coffee or tea on a rainy day.

Look no further here is a collection of some popular Indian monsoon snacks recipes. Make them in your kitchen home and avoid eating them out.

1. Pakoda

When it comes to your first day of the rainy season, this is the dish you are patiently waiting to cook. Right from paneer pakodas to onion pakodas to chilly pakodas, every kind of pakoda can add to your perfect monsoon cravings.

Corn is a must-have food in rainy season. The minute you see showers outside your window, the next you discover is corn carts on the streets. But there’s nothing like making your own corn recipe at home. A little salt, little butter and lots of lemon, sometimes sprinkled with chaat masala, makes your gloomy day perfectly delicious.

Nothing can replace the feeling when you crave for an aloo tikki in the middle of heavy rains pouring outside. The idea of an aloo tikki fills your imagination with the aroma of this perfect steaming monsoon food, and you can head to your kitchen for preparing your favorite dish of the season.

Vegetable Aloo Tikki-1

To know how to make Aloo Tikki click here

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