Food For A Happier World

Food For A Happier World

It’s the middle of October and it’s still pouring down rain. You’re on your way home from a long hard day at work and now you’re drenched! to make matters worse your beloved other half is being not so understanding and now look - new wrinkles!!!

So what do you do now? Stuff your face of course

Though the cause for misery may vary, one thing is certain when life goes south, all of us turn to something sweet, savory or homemade to cheer us up

Everyone has those days when they crave the perfect food. Comfort food is there to give you a cuddle no matter how life’s got you down. It’s foods that through the simple act of tasting them, instantly makes you feel better.

Comfort food generally has two major qualities, It must have a sentimental appeal to it and it must be absolutely delicious. ( on a side note it must also generally contain a lot of calories)

Here’s our take on the best and strangest food to cure human suffering from quirky places around the globe!

Brigadeiro, Brazil

Brigadeiro Is a simple little chocolate delight made from sweetened condensed milk, butter and cocoa. These chocolate bonbons were created in 1940. A Brazilian birthday party without Brigadeiro is complete unheard of. This round, dark chocolate sweet, covered in little chocolate sprinkles, remind Brazilians of the best of their childhood.

Koshary, Egypt

Koshary is a deceptively simple dish. Loaded with rice, lentils, chickpeas, fried onions, spaghetti and topped off with tomato chili sauce it is a carbohydrate bomb. This is the legendary dish that every Egyptian can both write a poem on and furiously debate the merits of. Koshary provides the energy to give depression a (much-needed) kick in the ass

Kartoffelpuffern, Germany

We’ve seen a lot of feel good dishes from potatoes. French fries and Mashed Potatoes to name a few. It is however the Germans who took it to the next leave with the indulgent Kartoffelpuffern. It is a Potato Pancake topped with applesause or bacon - for ultimate bliss.

Jajangmyeon, Korea

Jajangmyeon is Korea’s true comfort food. A meal in itself, it needs no accompaniment. Made with wheat noodles, covered in a sauce of pork, vegetables and the black bean paste that gives it its color. it is to Korea what pizza is to America.

Chocolate Beer Cake

Last but not least, we at India Food Network would like to introduce our go to comfort food. Chocolate Beer Cake is bound to be the ultimate guilty pleasure. That’s right Chocolate + Beer = A reason for celebration. This drool worthy creation is sure to turn your frown upside down.

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