Food Forecast: June 11-17, 2018

Food Forecast: June 11-17, 2018

The monsoons are well and truly upon us, but that also means we have a very muggy Mumbai to look forward to this week. You may be tempted to reach for colas and iced coffees to beat the heat but you could find yourself more nervous and jumpy than cool. Quench that thirst with shikanji, coconut water and sugarcane juice instead. Gemini, Cancer and Leo rule our everyday life this week with Mercury in Cancer, Moon travelling through Cancer, Gemini, Leo and Venus moving into Leo.

Welcome the new moon in Gemini on 13th June by eating a lot of salad and fruit - melons, strawberries, plums, peaches, kiwi and lychees are top choices for this week. Going out to lunch? How about a cooling watermelon and feta salad?

A bowl of muesli with fruits, nuts and seeds is the perfect way to start each day this week. Meals can include eggs, fish, shell fish and chicken, and you can fulfil your carb cravings with a controlled helping of multigrain or whole wheat chapattis, black rice, couscous or rye bread.

This isn’t diet advice, but please stay away from pizzas, cakes and cookies this week, as refined sugars, yeast, tangy sauces and heavily spiced and salty food are likely to bring on bloat and heartburn. Count to ten before glugging down that milk and cream, as the planetary influences will make it difficult to digest dairy.

Make friends with kale, broccoli, rocket, arugula and spinach; these provide natural cleansing for the body; and Gemini, Cancer and Leo energies glow bright with these bitters. Bitter is better this week.

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