Here’s How To Nurse Your Hangover

Here’s How To Nurse Your Hangover

If you’re one of the many revellers who over-imbibed last night and are now searching for ways to cure that hangover, you need to do just one thing the next time. Stop at one or two drinks! The safest way to cure a hangover is to drink in moderation. But then, for those who need remedies to ease that head-pounding hangover, we have some easy ways for you.

1. Greasy Breakfast

If you’re craving for a big breakfast full of fatty foods, follow your instincts. Fat contains more calories than protein or carbs. So, it’s the fastest way to help your body process out and breakdown products of alcohol. Food like sausage, ham and bacon, also rich with B vitamins, will help faster metabolism, which will help to expedite your hangover. And then there are eggs and cheese whose antioxidants will help ease your overall discomfort.


2. Drink Water

While something so simple might seem ridiculous, re-hydrating yourself is another way to overcoming the hangover. Drink eight to 10 glasses of water over the course of the morning. Alcohol causes your body to lose water by stimulating your kidneys to excrete more water than you drink, resulting in dehydration. The more alcohol you drink, the more water passes out of your body and drinking lots of water can handle the hangover easily.


3. Exercise

We know, we know. When you’re hung over, you usually don’t feel like moving. But a gentle workout will make a big difference. Boost your metabolism with some yoga or just a good old-fashioned walk and you’ll get the alcohol out of your system faster.


4. Do Nothing

Sorry, friends, but when it comes down to it, there’s simply no remedy that will completely cure your hangover. So if you've got the luxury of a day off from work, just take it easy. Wallow in your self-loathing for a bit and perhaps vow to yourself, “I’m never drinking again.” We all know it’s a lie, but sometimes making false promises to yourself is the only thing that will make you feel better.


5. Eat Apples and Bananas

Apples and bananas contain nutrients that will eliminate your headache and restore minerals lost during your wild night out. These two fruits are excellent for regaining potassium.

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