Independence Day Special Recipes

Independence Day Special Recipes

What better way to express your love for the nation than doing what you do best: cooking! So, check out these tri-colour recipes inspired from our Indian Flag.

1. Tricolour Rice:

Bored of eating the same one type of rice? This independence day make three rice serving in the

perfect tri-colour way. Carrot rice will serve as the saffron colour, coconut rice will add to the white

and the sesame rice will give the Green tint. So check the link below and get inspired!

To know the recipe of carrot peas pulao click here:

carrot peas pulao

For coconut rice recipe click here:

coconut rice

And the sesame rice recipe here:


2. Tricolour Idlis

Want to start your day feeling a bit too patriotic? Tri-colour idlis are your best bet. Mix some

chutnies to the Idli batter and get the different colours.

*For the Safforn colour mix some tomato chutney with the Idli batter

*For the white colour, use the normal batter

*And for the green colour, use some mint chutney.

To know how to make idli batter click here:

Dosa Batter

To know how to make Idli, Click here:

south indian idli

To know how to make Tomato Chutney Click here:

Tomato and Mustard Chatni

To know how to make Mint Chutney click here:

mint chutney

3. Tricolour Puri

Nothing beats the cravings of those times when you want to have puris. How about serving yourself

and your loved ones with tri-colour puri's on the occasion of Independence Day?

Here's the secret for making Tricolor Puris. You need to make the dough in three colors.

*For Orange, add Carrot to the dough.

*The dough can be normal one for White color

*Add some spinach puree to make Green dough

Serve these Tricolored Puris with Fried Potato

Here a quick recipe on how to make Aloo Puri:

Alo Puri

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