These food trends took 2020 by storm

These food trends took 2020 by storm

From dalgona coffee to banana bread, here is a round-up of the most iconic food trends that shaped 2020

The pandemic made us all turn to the kitchen when we could no longer go out to our favourite restaurants to satiate our cravings. We all donned our chefs hats and made something that we are either too ashamed of, or extremely proud. From putting together the perfect charcuterie board to experimenting with making some focaccia bread, here are some of the greatest trends that went viral this 2020:

Dalgona coffee

It comes as no surprise that this was the most searched recipe of the year. Named after a South Korean honeycomb toffee Dalgona, this coffee has been tried and tested by most of us. The sugary taste and spongy texture make it a frothy fun-filled beverage that is also aesthetically pleasing. What's not to like?

Banana bread

Whoever doesn't like the smell of banana bread hot out of the oven simply hasn't lived. The thrill of making your own bread is unmatched. One of the quickest recipes to make, this delicious loaf of heaven makes for a wholesome meal. You might be surprised, but this is the one comfort food where the word 'moist' won't disappoint you.

Pancake cereal

This new combination of pancake and cereal, makes for an interesting breakfast meal. This involves replacing pancakes with bite-sized mini versions of them and adding flavoured icing on top. This trend became so popular that it got more versions of it, from cookie cereal to doughnut and waffle cereals. The result? They're all scrumptious!

Honey chilli potato

A beloved Indo-Chinese dish, honey chilli potato is the classic combination of sweet and spicy, with the right amount of crispiness and flavour in it. Seasoned it with a drizzle of olive oil and mixed with soya sauce, and this dish makes for the perfect appetiser when you want to give your tastebuds a whirl.

Focaccia art

The monotony that the lockdown brought to our lives was instantly replaced with focaccia bread art. Decorating bread with edible items such as flowers, buds, cherry tomatoes and fresh herbs made everyone hop on the bread-wagon and experiment with it.

Charcuterie board

Whether you throw a dinner party or enjoy a meal for one, this charcuterie board has plenty to offer. This French-culinary-turned-global-phenomenon found itself transitioning from just a basic tray of meat and cheese into "jarcuterie" and charcuterie chalets, even putting the festive Christmas twist to it, by introducing "charcuterwreaths." This would have the ingredients arranged in the shape of a wreath on a cutting board. Safe to say we are loving the innovations.


Bread loaf with swirls of flavours sounds like a dream, and even looks like one. Which is why it became so popular during the lockdown. Its inviting imagery makes for a promising dish that brings all your comfort flavours in one plate - from cinnamon to chocolate, gingerbread and even fruitcake - the options are endless.

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Froggy bread

A concept that originated from a 2005 blog The Fresh Loaf, this strange recipe has found itself to be a favourite among the masses through TikTok. Everyone is whipping up their version of this, from frogaccia to using olives as eyes. Small, big, cute or pudgy, we loaf everything about this!

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Mug cake

During the lockdown, everyone's craving for something sweet increased by a lot, this in turn, brought back mug cakes. The easy to make style and small portions worked wonders and made this a quick choice for anyone who wanted to satiate their sweet tooth. The best part? You can enjoy spoonfuls of this decadent dessert without having to share it with anyone else.

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