Vox Pop: Will You Install UberEATS?

Vox Pop: Will You Install UberEATS?

Ubereats, Uber food app, food apps, food delivery apps, Ubereats food app UberEATS is the latest food app by Uber.

Yet another food app has launched, and we are wondering if it is worth installing it. UberEATS is now ready to be downloaded in India, specifically Mumbai, and works on a similar food delivery model like many in the market.

The newest food delivery app has already tied up with leading restaurants such as Le15, Coffee by Di Bella, FreshMenu, Chaayos, The Good Wife and the delivery-only eatery, The Bohri Kitchen as per this report.

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At a time when the consumer has popular food delivery apps like Zomato, Swiggy and Food Panda already on their phones, we are not sure if UberEATS is here to stay.

India Food Network spoke to a few food-lovin' folks in Mumbai to know if they would install UberEATS.

"Honestly, I just can't see myself downloading another food delivery app. I have Zomato and use it all the time. There's no need gap and no flaw in that app which would push me towards Uber Eats.

- Suyash Barve, Writer & Podcaster

"NO! I am already using quite a few food apps. Don't want to crowd my phone with more of the same stuff. Moreover, I am not really clear about what the app is all about. Will it take me to the nearest breakfast joint on my way to office? Or is it another Zomato equivalent?

- Madhurima Bose, Producer

"I like the new app. It seems to have more variety and is visually appealing than all the other apps out there. It has more structure and better design. Not sure how they will deal with orders though. That we will come to know only when we order."

- Nishita Chandra, Content Writer

"It's a good app. Normally food delivery apps take 45 mins to an hour for your food to arrive. In such a case, you're not sure if you still crave for the food that you had ordered. But some restaurant do have 25-30 mins delivery, which is amazing. UberEATS has also added some good restaurants, which are not covered by other apps."

- Divesh Khatri, Digital Marketer

"I installed the app yesterday as I received an SMS from Uber Ride about availing a discount on my first order. However, I don't plan to use it because Zomato serves my purpose anyway."

Shantala Phatarphod, Producer

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