Try These Vegan Substitutes For Everyday Food Products

Try These Vegan Substitutes For Everyday Food Products

vegan food vegan recipes vegan substitutes Indian food indian recipes easy recipes Soy patties are a great substitute to meat patties. Photo: Dreamstime

With the festive season coming up, being vegan can be hard. Right from ditching meat pies to avoiding dairy-based desserts, it can be difficult to completely stay away from temptation. So if you are vegan or have joined the bandwagon recently, here are a few plant-based ingredients that can be substituted for your dairy and meats.

Tofu/ Soy Cheese

With the holiday season on its way, it’s a little too hard to stay away from cheese and if you are vegan, most cheesy delicacies may be a strict no-no. Tofu or soy cheese make for great substitutes for the regular dairy cheese.

Soya Nuggets

Soybean is the perfect substitute for meats among other things. When soaked in water, it develops the texture of meat and is great to make pies or stuffings with. You can also make burger patties, and have some kickass burgers that are not only vegan but are delicious too.

Soy Milk/ Coconut Milk

Milk is an important part of our everyday lives. We use it to make coffee, milkshakes, desserts and what-not, so avoiding it is not an option. But if you are vegan, try using soy or coconut milk. They are not only healthy, but make for great substitutes in almost any dish. You can also try using almond milk, oats milk even rice milk if available.

Mashed Bananas/ Apple Sauce

Be it cakes, pies or even pancakes, eggs are important and specially when it comes to baking. But if you are one to avoid them, mashed bananas or apple sauce are great egg substitutes. They are low in cholesterol and make for great binding agents.

Soy yoghurt

Yoghurt or curd is very often used to make dips and soy yoghurt is the perfect substitute. It is healthy and completely dairy free. Make raitas, dips and so much more!

Coconut Butter

A delicious and nutritious substitute for regular butter, coconut butter is great for your health as it is packed with nutrients. So, this holiday season gorge on all the buttery fudge and brownies without any guilt.

Agave Syrup/ Maple Syrup

Honey is although very healthy, it isn’t the first choice for someone who is vegan. Agave or maple syrup make for great substitutes for honey. So go ahead and drizzle your pies and sweeten your smoothies with these healthy syrups.

Agar Agar Flakes/Powder

Gelatin is used in many desserts. Right from mousses to marshmallows, gelatin is loved for its unique texture. But since it is made with animal collagen, it’s not for vegans. Agar agar powder is a great substitute for gelatin, giving foods the same texture. So go ahead and enjoy all the jelly!

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