Valentine’s Day reservations burning a hole in your pocket?

Valentine’s Day reservations burning a hole in your pocket?

We obviously aren’t aloof of the madness that revolves around Valentine’s day, has the media made you think that going on a fancy romantic date to an overpriced restaurant the only way out?

Think again?

There are a couple of reasons you must stay at home this Valentines Day. One- the money, Two- there are long queues outside every restaurant and even if you made a booking you're most likely going to be rushed so they can push the rush. Three- there’s far more romance in a home-cooked meal where you both get to spend time with each other cooking up some lovely warm platters.

So what are you waiting for? Light a candle and follow along.

We have chosen the top 5 recipes from our Valentine's Day Special that you and your partner are

sure to love.

Get the evening started by serving your Valentine a refreshing drink made out of the seasons best

Strawberries and White rum. Watch Arina make this Love Potion within minutes and watch

yourself make it too!


Chicken skewers are culinary delights all the way. Not only it is a good experience eating but

also a fantastic journey making them! Follow Ruchira from Chef At Large as she takes you

through this recipe!

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For the vegetarians we have an amazing option-the Corn and Mushroom tarts. Simple and

superbly delicious, this recipe by Arina is sure to earn you extra points from your partner!

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For the main course-

Vietnamese in origin, the Pad Thai has an interesting history. It was transported to Thailand by

Viet traders. Upon its arrival at Thailand, the Pad Thai not only underwent a drastic change in

taste but also got a new name as well, one that would match its new Thai existence. Cook this

culturally rich dish along with Chef Asha Khatau. Add a protein of your choice.

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What's better than a Valentine's Day recipe with some aphrodisiac ingredients? Make this quick yet

delicious, Chocolate Fondue as chef Nitin tells you how-to make it special with just a handful of


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Do let us know what are your plans for Valentine’s Day and if you do try the recipes out, do let us

know which one was your favourite.

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