Whether it’s for ethical reasons, a healthy lifestyle or for the environment, the number of people switching to a vegan diet is growing every day. A person who adopts a vegan lifestyle does not consume food that comes from animal sources. These include meat, eggs, dairy products and even honey.

It seems difficult but veganism is thriving around the world.

So, what do they eat? You might think of it as being bland or boring but the ingredient list is actually quite interesting. It’s also a fun fact that some of our favourite dishes are already vegan and if they’re not, a few adjustments can make it right!

This #WorldVeganDay, we’ve curated a list of strictly-vegan recipes for all the vegans out there. Also, if you’re one of those who wants to try out this healthy diet, here’s a good place to start off.

1. Vegan Pesto Pasta

Everybody loves pasta. But did you ever imagine pasta being healthy and tasty at the same time? It can be with this Vegan Pesto Pasta!

2. Vegan Tofu Bhurji

We can’t exclude Bhurji from a list of India’s most loved fast foods and this vegan version holds its own!

3. Vegan Garlic Bread

Sudden party plans? Need something to munch on? Nothing vegan coming to mind? Well, this Vegan Garlic Bread will answer all your questions. It’s easy to make, healthy and delicious!

4. Vegan Minty Mayonnaise Dip

Just because you’re vegan, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on dips and snacks. Here’s a Vegan Minty Mayonnaise dip that can be easily made without taking up too much of your time.

5. Vegan Banana Strawberry Sorbet

No menu is complete without dessert and a vegan meal is no different. This Vegan Sorbet is sure to get you hooked.

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