Videos: 5 Light Meals For A Hot Summer Day

Videos: 5 Light Meals For A Hot Summer Day

Edited Dal Khichdi Raw Dal khichdi.

Indians love spicy food, and there's no two-way about it. Whether it is butter chicken or dal tadka or Indian Chinese, we cannot live without it. But with summers, things can get a little tricky as the heat refuses to co-operate with your tummy. For days like these, whip up some light meals for your family.

Horsegram Rasam

Pressure cooked with spices, horsegram rasam is light on the tummy in summer.

Dal Khichdi

For those of you who don't know how to use a pressure cooker, Veena shows you how to do it. She also shows you how to make the yummiest version of Dal Khichdi.

Pearly Barley Risotto

Dig into this healthy and delicious Barley Risotto after a rigorous workout. It's light, filling and nutritious!

Dahi Chicken


No South Indian meal is complete without sambar and sometimes when we run out of time, we tend to skip it. However, Nandita helps us learn how to cook a quick sambar recipe.

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