Videos: 5 Summer Coolers With A Desi Twist

Videos: 5 Summer Coolers With A Desi Twist

virgin kokum caprioska edited Virgin Kokum Caprioska

While the weather gets hot and sultry, we pick some of our favourite summery drinks for you to try at home. These summer coolers with a desi twist are bound to cool you down!

Mango Sangria

Sangria is a beautiful wine punch served with fresh cut fruits. This tropical summertime white sangria is perfect for your Sunday brunches, as it is infused with mango, cherries, oranges and cinnamon!

Ginger Mint Shikanji

Shikanji with a little twist of ginger and mint is the most refreshing drink to beat the heat!

Chilli Mango Tree

Sipping on a spicy cocktail like Chilli Mango Tree on a hot summery day should be your way to chill yourself!

Burnt Curry Leaf Mojito

Virgin Mojito, an extremely refreshing mocktail made with burnt curry leaves.

Virgin Kokum Caprioska

Caprioska with a twist of kokum will cool you down after a spicy meal.

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