Videos: Homely Regional Indian Food Recipes

Videos: Homely Regional Indian Food Recipes

A comforting bowl of piping hot rajma accompanied with rice

It's India's Independence Day, and we at India Food Network are feeling patriotic. Jokes apart, the time is just right to celebrate the culinary diversity that our country boasts of. That said, we bring you some of the most popular dishes from four different regions of India. Make them at home this weekend to celebrate the spirit of freedom!

Punjabi Rajma: Sometimes simple meals make so many memories. Like this classic rajma-chawal recipe from Punjab. Try it at home today and make way for some good conversations.

Bengali Kosha Mangsho: A celebratory Bengali recipe that is very popular on festive occasions or homely Sunday lunches. Serve them with luchi (puris made with flour) for that extra drama.

Pongal from Tamil Nadu: Pongal is a traditional rice preparation and is relished during festivals and also as a breakfast dish in Tamil Nadu. Enjoy it with rasam or curd as you like it.

Maharashtrian Puran Poli: A traditional sweet dish, Puran Polis need time to master. But once you've learned the technique, you can make them on festive occasions and family dos.

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