Watch Bollywood Stars Put On The Chef's Apron on 'The Mini Truck'

Watch Bollywood Stars Put On The Chefs Apron on The Mini Truck

mini truck, mini mathur, the mini truck, digital food show, Youtube show, Youtibe food show, bollywood This is Mini Mathur's first digital show. Photo: India Food Network

The Mini Truck, a new digital food show, will see former VJ and actress Mini Mathur cook, chat and laugh along with Bollywood's top celebrities in a food truck.

We asked the beautiful Mini about her latest venture, and here's what she had to say.

What is the idea behind The Mini Truck?

I am a passionate home cook, so when Nikkhil Advani (who has sampled my culinary talent at a few occasions) suggested I cook family recipes with Bollywood stars, we started wondering how to get them to cook for us without being intrusive.

I have always been obsessed with the idea of food trucks and together with India Food network, we made a beautiful one that would allow us to cook with a view. The show will see Bollywood stars cooking with me, sharing their food memories and family recipes.

Take us through The Mini Truck - the concept and what we can expect from the show?

There is something so therapeutic about watching people cook. You've probably seen stars talk about films, their friends and families, but have you watched them grab an apron and cook like you and me?

The Mini Truck is very unique as it's a moving kitchen that meets an actor in their space. They recreate their food memories with me and together we cook up a meal that is special to them in some way - it could be something they cook well or a secret family recipe. The ones who are good cooks do the do, while those who cannot, become my sous chefs as I recreate it for them. The banter is fun, light and centres around food and travel memories. We usually round up co-stars and/or family to come taste the dish. All in all it's a cook-off meets picnic!

After over a decade in television, this is your first digital show. How excited are you? How has the experience been?

I have been through the gamut of travel shows, game shows, quiz shows, reality shows and film and music as an MTV VJ. I have always liked hosting shows where my experience and presence are integral to my personality. I was yearning to create something real, relatable, engaging and fun and that has my passion at its core. Since Indian television doesn't offer me that yet, I needed a new medium to bring fresh content that I feel the audience is ready for. I am extremely excited about my debut in the digital space and have another show coming up post The Mini Truck.

What kind of food or recipes we can expect on the show?

A combination of comfort food and traditional family recipes from Bollywood homes that the actors will recreate with me. I will also be cooking recipes that I have learned from my own family as well as those I picked up from my travels. There will be some awesome desserts and pickles too.

Watch the teaser of The Mini Truck below.

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