We Visited Papabubble And Came Back With A Sugar Rush!

We Visited Papabubble And Came Back With A Sugar Rush!

Candies sweets indian candy stores papabubble indian candy stores Papabubble is a Spanish candy brand. Photo via Papabubble

Everyone loves candy. But, do you know how it is made? Team IFN visited a candy store that recently opened in Mumbai called Papabubble in between work. It left us in awe of the process they follow to make candy.

The candies at Papabubble are handcrafted by Luca, who is from Spain, and has been making these sugary goodies with them for the past eight years. The candy goes through a long process - it is cooled, mixed, rolled and twisted to give it the desired shape and size. It is then stretched and cut to bite-size pieces but not before it is cooled for a while. Different coloured candies is mixed to make various flavours.

Papabubble has flavours like Mango, Lemon, Paan, Strawberry, Watermelon and even an unusual Biryani flavour. We watched Luca as he made the Strawberry candy, which had white and red colured candy being rolled together and stretched several times to give it the desired shape.

The sugary art is made from scratch and resembles the flavour closely. The proof lies in the small motifs representing the fruit the candy is flavoured of.

Location: Palladium, third floor, Lower Parel

Watch the video here.

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