For Your Weekend Kitchen: Festive Treats & Southern Secrets

For Your Weekend Kitchen: Festive Treats & Southern Secrets

Hello dear reader,

Starting this week, we've decided to make it easier for you to plan your weekend meals. Because that Sunday dinner is the one time when the whole family dines together. And the menu has to be a wee bit more special than the rest of the week, doesn't it?

This Sunday is Gudi Padwa and if you're a Maharashrian, you're no doubt looking forward to the festivities. We might not be able to help you make the gudi, but we've got you covered on the food front. Here are our best Gudi Padwa special recipes by Archana and Roopa:

For a quiet Saturday morning read, may I recommend Chef Narayan Salunkhe's fondest Gudi Padwa memories? It comes as a revelation that even famous chefs hanker for the simple but love-filled food from their mom's kitchens. Laura Esquivel certainly got it right in her novel 'Like Water for Chocolate' where the protagonist expresses her feelings through the dishes she cooks.

South Indian dishes pair very well with the hot summers, as many recipes make use of water vegetables like gourds and pumpkin. Light breakfasts like idli and uttapam are much easier to assimilate than oily, calorific options. We got the chef of an Ayurvedic retreat in Kerala called Mekosha, to reveal some of his best recipes here. And we also have a couple of in-house recipes by Preetha for you to savour:

If you're hosting a little get-together with friends on Saturday evening, this basil chicken recipe is sure to come in handy. On Sunday afternoon, stuff yourself silly with Seema's dhaba style aloo paratha followed by a tall glass of Punjabi lassi. Some fragrant jeera rice to go with dal would complete the meal.

This week, one of the brightest and most inspiring minds this world has ever seen bid us goodbye. Beautiful Stephen Hawking quotes have been surfacing and many of them remind us to value this life we have. So if there's something you always wanted to do, do it now. If nothing comes to mind, try making this lovely fruit loaf!

We even celebrated Pi(e) Day on social media with some delicious pie recipes. In fact, you should follow us rightaway on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to avoid missing out on all the fun!

Eat well, cook creatively, and see you again next Friday.

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