This Is What You Should Be Cooking This Week #IFNWeeklyPlan

This Is What You Should Be Cooking This Week #IFNWeeklyPlan

From an experience of an ideal scenario, planning the schedule around what's for dinner always starts at the lunch table & at the dinner table, we're already talking about what's for breakfast the next day! That's how the conversations are at the table in most Indian households. But, planning a week in advance is very uncommon and I wonder why? When we can talk about food all the time, then why don't we plan ahead? This definitely comes in handy for the working people who don't have the time to give much thought over what they're eating. Organising a life around a schedule seems like a far-fetched goal that is nearly impossible to follow through (however much they'd like to), leading to a never-ending search for recipes that are easy to prepare. But who has the time for all of that? Now, that's what weekends are for, right?

Get Your Planning Right

From breakfast to dinner & all your mid-meal cravings, we've got suggestions for you that you'd love; the best part being that it's a pretty amazing outline of ingredients you need to stock up so that your week is pretty much sorted. Once you have the ingredients, you're free to mix & match dishes or also create something innovative dish with the same ingredients. However, to make you life easier, each & every recipe suggested has a video of the same name on our YouTube page.

If you're someone who has a help at home or are a beginner at cooking, you can just play the video & gorge on the yummy recipes we've suggested for you. Keeping in mind the protein & nutrient intake, we've suggested a meal plan for both vegetarians & hardcore non-vegetarians!

Easy Peasy Guide

IFN weekly meal plan is an easy guide in every sense of the word, where we're helping you plan your week in the tastiest way possible. Sometimes not getting what you want, when you want & especially when it comes food, can get you hangry! And, it can get really annoying. So, get ready because we’re here to make your life simpler & cook with you too!

For the Vegetarians:

The biggest concern about the day is usually, aaj khane mein kya banau? And, to answer this monosyllable question, we've got some yummy vegetarian recipes that are not boring at all! Find the recipes here.

For the Carnivorous in you:

If you're someone who loves to start your day with eggs & end it with a meaty meal, you've come to the right place. And, now you're going to enjoy every meal because we're planning it for you! Find the recipes here.

If you like our weekly menu plan for you, do tell us & we'll work harder to give you more such delicacies!

Shreya Jalavadia

Shreya Jalavadia

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