We're Crushing On These Zingy Condiments!

Were Crushing On These Zingy Condiments!

indian food indian cooking online food online shopping Sprigs' vanilla products are made of real Madagascar beans.

Condiments play an intrinsic part of your meal as anything else. A vanilla-flavoured sugar or a Bhut jolokia spiked sauce can lend theatre to any dish. And let's not underestimate the power of a spicy pickle or a tangy sauce or even a zingy vinaigrette at the dining table. That said, it becomes almost mandatory to stock up your pantry with quirky condiments to add that extra zing to your meals. We're here to help you buy only the best stuff without even having to step out of your house!

Vanilla sugar, Bhut Jolokia Sauce by Sprig

We had heard about their Bourbon vanilla extract until we chanced upon Demerara Sugar infused with Real Madagascar Vanilla Beans. For a vanilla lover, that's a revelation! Likewise, Roasted Chilli Oil or Rosemary and Lavender infused Sea Salt can be paired with grilled meats or fish and Coconut Sugar Mingled with a Quartet Of Brown Spices can be used to make cakes or pies. And if you are a fan of anything spicy, their Bhut Jolokia sauce is for you.

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Moroccan spice rubs by Al'fez

Whether you are planning a Moroccan-themed house party or just fancy Middle-Eastern food, Al'fez offers an entire range of spice rubs, dips, dressings and lots more. Their Houmous and Tahini Sauce can be paired with all kinds of breads and the Moroccan Spice Rub goes fantastic with red meat. There's a Harissa paste for you to cook with or Zahtar to add to your salads. Go on, experiment!

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Wholegrain with Green Peppercorn by Delouis

This French brand boasts of a range of vinegars, sauces, salad dressings and more. Pair the vinegars with salads or stir fries. And if you are one of those to watch what you eat, Delouis also offers a great variety of natural organic products like Wholegrain with Green Peppercorn Organic Honey, Fresh Citrus Fruits Vinaigrette, Balsalmic Vinegar with Organic Grapes to name a few. Fancy, eh!

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indian food indian cooking online food online shopping Pico has a range of Indianised sauces.

Shahi Makhani Dip & Red Pepper Jam by Pico

In the mood for some garam samosas and bhajiyas? Pair them with the Bambaiyya Hari Chutney, Imli Chutney or the Shahi Makhani Dip from Pico. These Indianised sauces and dips pair perfectly with parathas, kathi rolls or even pizza for that matter. Their Red Pepper Jam is the perfect blend of sweet with a kick of spice and can be used to make really spicy tarts.

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Paneer Makhni 65 Instant Masala by Soul

This is the perfect destination to get some food for the soul. Delicious pickles, sauces and Indian masalas are available here and can be used to make parathas and curries at home. And if you're one of those who love to cook Indian food but are pressed for time, try their instant masalas for butter chicken, Paneer Makhni 65 and paneer tikka.

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Bael Murabba and Strawberry Conserve by L'Exclusif

When in the mood to make a delish strawberry tart, L'Exclusif's Strawberry Conserve is what should go for. If you are tried of eating the same old mango or amla murabba, you need to try out their Bael Murabba or wood apple with honey. Goes perfectly with steak or grilled vegetables we say.

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