What’s Cooking at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2018?

What’s Cooking at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2018?

We’ve got good news for all you foodies and tipplers. Kala Ghoda Arts Festival (KGAF) 2018 has a whole buffet of food workshops, chef-led conversations and culinary voyages. The festival is open from February 3 to 11 at where else but Kala Ghoda in South Mumbai. To help you plan your visit better, we’ve rounded up the best of the food events at the city’s most-awaited cultural fiesta.

Picture courtesy: KGAF

Learn how to use those weird veggies in your local market

It’s a fact that even vegetarians don’t know how to cook and consume every single vegetable that’s available in the market. Thomas Zacharias, Executive Chef, The Bombay Canteen, is here to change that. In his session ‘Exploring Hidden India’, he will highlight lesser known local vegetables and how to cook with them.

When: February 3, 6:30-7:30pm

Where: Cross Maidan

Learn how to take REALLY awesome food photos

Are you a food blogger, photographer or simply a die-hard food Instagrammer? You need to make sure you’re there for Vinayak Grover’s food photography workshop. Because great food pictures is much more than just clicking and uploading.

When: February 4, 3-5pm

Where: Artisans’

Watch Maria Goretti and Brinda Miller cook together

It’s one thing to watch videos on Youtube and quite another to see the vivacious Maria Goretti cook up a storm in person. And this time, she’ll be joined by Brinda Miller, one of the best known artists in India.

When: February 4, 8-9pm

Where: Cross Maidan

Be your own barista

Mithilesh Vazalwar has many distinctions to his name – he’s a Coffee Q-Grader (there are only 25 in India), a Coffee Roaster, Cupper, Trainer and the First Indian Aeropress Champion. We think he’s hands down the best person to show you how to brew coffee at home using three different techniques.

When: February 6, 2:30-4:30pm

Where: Artists’ Centre

Make your friends go green with smashing cocktails

Making great cocktails is an art, easy as it may seem. This masterclass puts a different spin on things by focusing on green coloured cocktails. Great preparation for an elf-themed party, what say?

When: February 6, 4-5pm

Where: The Urban Foundry

Make the best of waste

Leftovers are an eternal problem in the kitchen. Discarding all that lovingly cooked food is as painful as trying to eat it the morning after! In her session titled ‘Trash Cooking’, F&B trainer Arina Suchde teaches you how to make use of all your kitchen waste.

Paint your chocolate and eat it too

This one’s for all the chocoholic kids out there. Zeba Kohli's fantastic Fantasie chocolate paints serve two purposes – painting and eating. The session is open to kids over the age of 6.

When: February 10, 2-3pm

Where: Museum Gardens

Cook with Pankaj Bhadouria

You can’t miss this event if you’re a Pankaj Bhadouria fan. The erstwhile school teacher won the first season of MasterChef India and wowed us all with her culinary genius. Get to know all her kitchen secrets and favourite recipes in this masterclass.

When: February 11, 6:30-7:30pm

Where: Cross Maidan

Also on the schedule are a masterclass with Chef Varun Inamdar, expert introductions to North Eastern and North-west Frontier cuisines and a myth-bursting session on Ayurvedic cooking by Amrita Rana. Check out the complete schedule of food events at KGAF 2018 here.

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