What’s you Winter Cuppa?

What’s you Winter Cuppa?

Winds are cosy, Breeze are chiller, its time for a cosy blanket and a refreshing hot drink to sizzle on. We have a wide range of drinks just perfect for your mood, so tell us which is your favourite of them all?

1) Spiced hot chocolate


Flavoured with spices and topped with fresh cream, this Spiced Hot chocolate is just right to soothe

your taste buds. Cocoa mixed with hot Indian spices makes this one a warm and irresistible drink to take a sip on.

2) Filter Coffee


Coffee or ‘Kaapi’ as popularly known in South India is this classic filtered coffee made with milky

decoction to get the strong essence of freshly brewed ground coffee beans. It’s definitely a perfect

drink to keep you awake all day.

3) Indian Masala Chai


A popular drink among all Indians is this Indian Masala Chai or ‘Cutting Chai’ as popularly known

on the streets of India. Infused with spiced flavours and Ginger as a key ingredient, this is a perfect drink to start your day.

4) Instant Mocha


Beat your winter blues with this simple and easy Instant Mocha. A lot of people prefer caffeine over

dairy, YES we have got you covered with this super strong caffeine drink.

5) Tandoori Chai


This unique concoction is derived from Pune so, a smoky flavoured tea adds an earthen flavour

to the brew in an earthen cup allowing it to absorb a tandoori flavour making it for a hot Tandoori


6) Masala Doodh


Feeling sleepy? No problem this spice infused milk is an aid to your gentle sleep. Have it hot or

chilled, this mix of spices and nuts with milk will give you a relaxing sensation in this cold winters.

Now, go ahead and choose your winter drink and enjoy the cold evenings with cozy winter vibes.

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