When Life Gives You 'Chole' Make Hummus

When Life Gives You Chole Make Hummus

When life gives you chole, go Mediterranean and make Hummus and I can't keep reiterating it enough. Apart, from our desi, chole-bhature and chole-puri, we can do magical things with chole in the form of Hummus! Dating back to the 13th century, hummus was abundantly made in the Middle Eastern countries. The delicious chickpea or chole paste recipe with garlic, tahini-a sesame seed paste, olive oil, lemon and salt is the classic way to go about and can be devoured with a fluffy and soft-as-a-cloud, pita bread. But, you can play with different vegetables and flavours to lighten up #InternationalHummusDay because Hummus is LIT!

Also, the best part of about hummus is that everyone can eat it. Be it a vegan, a vegetarian, a hardcore non-vegetarian or even someone who indulges in gluten-free food! So, get hummus-ified with these delicious recipes that are super easy and quick to make! And, by the way, it's considered healthy too.

1.) The Classic Hummus

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2.) Turmeric Hummus

3.) The Tabasco-Basil Hummus

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4.) The Two-way Healthy Hummus

5.) The Green Chilli Hummus

Shreya Jalavadia

Shreya Jalavadia

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