Why You Should Say Hello To These Oats Recipes

Why You Should Say Hello To These Oats Recipes

oats payesh Oats shujir payesh.

Imagine a snack that keeps you away from junk food and helps you going through the day. Rich in fibre and protein, oats is 100 % wholegrain and makes for a healthy addition to your diet. Say Hello to the superfood that has got the world talking for a bowl of oats a day can keep the doctor away!

Keeps you charged: When hunger strikes at work, reach out for something healthy instead of junk. Look beyond the ordinary and go for a snack as simple and delicious as a chaat.

RECIPE: Chaat inspired oats bowl

Makes for fun dishes: Thanks to its versatile nature, you can experiment with oats in multiple ways in the form of bakes, salads or even desserts. It's not only healthy, but also fun!

RECIPE: Oats shujir payesh

Helps in weight loss: Due to its high fibre content and ability to soak up water or milk while cooking, oats takes time to digest. This means you do not have to reach out for that oily snack in between work!

RECIPE: Savoury Oats Bake

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