Will Justin Bieber Take A Bite Of The Humble Pav?

Will Justin Bieber Take A Bite Of The Humble Pav?

indian food, indian street food, justin beiber,vada pav, puropse world tour Justin Bieber to try food from across the country. Photo for representation only.

The day is almost here when Biebs lands in our very own city, and the excitement is evident.

Justin Bieber will be in Mumbai in a few hours as part of his Purpose World Tour scheduled on May 10 at the DY Patil Stadium at Navi Mumbai. The Canadian pop sensation has already listed a series of crazy demands upon his arrival. From eating in silver and gold cutlery to having specific brands and flavours of food and drinks, the list seems to be unreal.

According to this report, all the dishes served to the singer will be supervised by culinary experts and will also be renamed after his hit songs. We have also been informed that he will be served some exotic Indian food from across the country, 29 states to be specific. Right from the curries to the kebabs, his plate will be an amalgamation of desi food.

But the question is, will Justin Bieber demand to be served some of the iconic dishes from the Mumbai street food repertoire? After all, a country's street food is its soul and a true reflection of its culture and no gourmet dish can ever compete with that. Keeping Mumbai's diversity in mind, we do hope he gets to bite into the humble vada pav or get his hands dirty with a pav bhaji.

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