World Chicken Day: 6 Dishes That Prove Chicken Is The King Of Meats

World Chicken Day: 6 Dishes That Prove Chicken Is The King Of Meats

indian food chicken easy recipes quick recipes chicken recips Chicken is the most commonly-eaten meat in India. Photo via India Food Network.

Sometimes we wonder how our lives would have been without chicken. The humble bird in question has consistently been the star of every house party and weddings alike, and has comforted us with curries on the Sunday lunch table without fail.

On World Chicken Day, we list out some of the most iconic chicken dishes from the Indian kitchen. You cannot ignore their status given their popularity across the world.

Tandoori chicken: Often the highlight of parties or the first order at an Indian restaurant, tandoori chicken has been around for as long as we can remember. Goes well with a glass of chilled beer and cocktail too!

Butter chicken: Call it Murgh Makhani or butter chicken, it is the most commonly ordered chicken dish at a North Indian restaurant. You cannot argue with the buttery smooth, smokey gravy at any cost.

Chicken biryani: The dish can lead to many a controversy, but our love for a well-cooked biryani has no end. Give us a flavourful chicken biryani with huge chunks of potatoes, and we will be happy.

Chicken ghee roast: A Mangalorean specialty, this is a fiery red and spicy dish. The ghee-roasted spices make all the difference to this homely south Indian recipe. Have you tried it?

Chicken 65: Eaten as an appetiser, Chicken 65 is said to have originated in Chennai. Cooked in a red chilli and spicy marination, the chicken is deep fried to perfection.

Chilli chicken: When the Chinese came to India, they left us with hakka noodles and chilli chicken. Considered as an invention of the early settlers in India, it is one dish that completes our Chinese food cravings.

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