On World Food Day, celebrating 10 food stalls around the world

On World Food Day, celebrating 10 food stalls around the world

After an overwhelming response to Baba ka Dhaba in Delhi and his iconic mattar paneer, netizens have once again proved that support never fails to succeed. With support coming from all directions for local dhabas and street food vendors, on the occasion of World Food Day, we have come up with a list of Baba ka Dhabas around the world. These street stalls are celebrated immensely in their cities and are known for their special delicacies that bring people from far and wide. From your favourite momos to crepes and pad thai, this list is sure to set your tastebuds running to these places.

1. Shandar Momo, Kathmandu

Always trust the momos. But even more when you're in Nepal. Quite like its namesake, these momos are 'shandar' and make for quite a delight. Offered in a very Nepali way, these momos are received in a tapri (traditional Nepali bowl) for you to relish. Anyone who has been to Kathmandu knows that this is a people's favourite, and if you are a tourist, don't worry, your local cab driver will take you to this quaint stall for the ingratiating experience.

2. El Huequito, Mexico City

Follow your nose, it takes you where you need to be. And when in Mexico, your nose will lead you to El Huequito. People often come here to grab a bite before heading back to the city for some drinks. With tasty, authentic and cheap Mexican food like never before, you are bound to get lost in this taqueria, with an aroma unlike any other, and tacos al pastor leaving you feeling enamorado (Spanish for 'in love').

3. Arepa Factory, Venezuela

Revel in the quintessential Venezuelan staple that is arepas, at the best place in Venezuela. You are bound to never find them anywhere else. A cute place located in Los Palos Grandes, it serves gourmet delicacies worth trying. Locals cue up for hours to get a mouthful of this exquisite treat. You may not have the folklore experience of eating here, but the cosy, no-frills eatery will be a colossal experience that will be one to remember.

4. Fudart StrEATERY, Durban

A big name in Durban, this is one bright orange food truck that you absolutely cannot miss on the streets. Offering a funky on the go perspective to food, this eatery serves a variety of cuisine that has grown as one of the best in the world, as stated by CNN. Sourcing from local suppliers, cooking from scratch, providing top-quality restaurant-like food on the go, what more can you ask for?

5. Nom Nom Nom Poutine, Toronto

With a name that makes the French confused, this budget-friendly local hang out spot offers more than what it does at first glance. Home to some of the most authentic recipes, this food stand brings an array of people to it with its innovative yet traditional food concepts. They have 'pout-ine' vegetarian and halal options, with a gravy, which is a people's favourite.

6. Gelateria Alaska, Venice

Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice never told you how good their gelato was. Gelateria Alaska brings authentic Italian gelato with generous portions, rich flavours, vegan options, reasonable prices and friendly service. There's not much of a debate on why it's the best in the market. This eccentric little gelato temple is tucked away from the crowds but is worth going to. You will notice the lighter and less dense flavours packed with endless options to choose from, without compromising on its quality, and that's what makes this gelato so famous.

7. Yiaourtaki, Athens

No trip to Greece is complete without having Greek yoghurt, devoured in the streets of Athens. Picture this; a morning full of sightseeing, you're right across the Monastiraki square, and you find this nondescript Greek yoghurt store. With delicacies ranging from beverages, crepes, frozen yoghurt and providing a plethora of toppings, Yiaourtaki offers more than just a delicious breakfast menu.

8. Mother Clucker, London

When it comes to chicken, London never fails to impress. Serving food from a converted US ambulance, Mother Clucker is a hub for chicken connoisseurs to rejoice southern fried chicken on the streets. Hungry foodies can experience the signature chicken strips and cajun fries that melt in your mouth. This isn't an average chicken shop, expect loud and bold infrastructure, groovy music, drinks and fast food done right.

9. Shiraz Nights, Dubai

No matter how good your local Middle-Eastern food outlet is, they cannot beat the authentic shawarmas found in the streets of Dubai. Shiraz Nights is a popular shawarma place that serves this non-vegetarian delicacy with a free salad bar with great hummus. A little far from the tourist trail, this place, though a little mundane in the sun, comes alive at night. With good portion sizes, affordable prices and a friendly atmosphere, you will instantly feel like you're in food heaven.

10. Pad Thai Nana, Bangkok

This 70-year-old diner has all the Thai food stalls running for money with its popularity and quality. This hole-in-a-wall place claims to have been around since pad thai was first invented, and we wouldn't be surprised if the claims were true. With great value for money and at a walking distance from the legendary Khao San Road, this becomes an ideal spot for you to fill up your stomach.

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