World Food Day: Why Do We Eat?

World Food Day: Why Do We Eat?

World food day malnutrition hunfer free india fight hunger foundation october 16 world food day Malnutrition kills around 1 million children each year.

Why do we eat?

We eat to fill our stomach. And we eat to feed our brains.

We eat to celebrate births. We also eat to mark deaths. Sometimes we eat just to capture the best food shot.

More often our eating patterns have less to do with survival. Good food is tough to resist, and when affordability is not an issue, no one really cares. In today's day and age, when everybody is talking about eating nutritious and well-balanced meals, it is an irony to find millions of people go hungry daily. Forget nutritious food, it is shocking to see children deprived of even a morsel of food on our roads.

The question is - how can we make a difference or help India fight hunger and malnutrition?

Let's start from home.

- Buy your veggies every alternate day. This way you do not buy excess, and replenish when needed.

- Cook for the day. More food means more wastage.

- Explain to your kid what happens when they waste food. This way they will learn to value food.

- Share your food with your domestic help or their children.

- Distribute food and clean water at a shelter or a children's home once in a while.

- When ordering food at home, order wisely so that you don't waste.

On World Food Day, India Food Network believes that hunger and malnutrition can be eradicated with the help of our own actions. Come, let's create a hunger-free India!

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