World Macaron Day: 7 Macaron Flavours To Try In Mumbai

World Macaron Day: 7 Macaron Flavours To Try In Mumbai

desserts, macaron, macaron day, mumbai, mumbai bakeries Bubblegum Macaron at Daniel Patissier. Photo via Facebook

We have been obsessed with these little cookies for the longest time. Straight from the finest bakeries in France to our Instagram and Snapchat stories, these beauties have come a long way.

Whether you like classic flavours like strawberry and mango or even quirky ones like thandai and even paan, these have got your taste-buds covered. So in honour of these beautiful cookies on their special day ie #WorldMacaronDay, here are our top 7 macarons to try in Mumbai.

Bubblegum Macaron @ Daniel Patissier

With bright blue macaron shells sandwiched with an electric pink bubblegum filling, just a bite of this beauty takes you down memory lane way back to your childhood.

Paan Macaron @ Le 15 Patisserie

This desi twist to a French favourite is everything a paan lover is looking for. From the bright pink and green shells to the paan flavoured filling in between, maybe ending or even beginning your meal with this might not be bad idea!

Pistachio macaron @ Theobroma

After being quite a star in our desi desserts, pistachio has made its way to the macaron as well. This sweet and nutty macaron is something you need to try but be careful though, try not to top your kheer with it!

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Orange Ginger Macaron @ Poetry by Love and Cheesecake

The citrus of the orange and spicy ginger combine beautifully in this one little cookie. It's pure bliss as you take a bite into the creamy orange and ginger filling inside.

desserts, macaron, macaron day, mumbai, mumbai bakeries Pink Champagne and Raspberry Macaron at La Folie. Photo via Instagram

Pink Champagne and Raspberry @ La Folie

This macaron needs to be eaten with a pinky up! The delicate flavour of the champagne with a burst of the fruit is indeed mouth-watering. Also, it’s pretty and pink.

Passion Fruit Macaron @ Sassy Teaspoon

These little yellow cookies are filled with a sweet and sour passion fruit filling that is bound to get you drooling. But the question is, how 'passionately' can you eat these passion fruit cookies?

Mojito Macaron @ Petits Plaisirs Patisserie

Bottoms up! Get yourself this mojito macaron every time you actually need a mojito, but can't have one. A sweet filling with a twist of lemon, this flavour is as refreshing as the real deal.

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