You had me at Pizza.

You had me at Pizza.

When you think of modern day comfort food does pizza pop in your head? It does in mine!

Unwinding at home while watching a movie? Got friends coming over for a party?

Order pizza!

Pizza has saucily managed to sneak into all our plans with it's cheesy goodness.

And a pizza lover like me is always on the hunt for a new place to grab a slice.

So when I heard about Viking Pizza at Prabhadevi and the non-stop rave reviews it was getting, I had to drop by.

I knew it was a change from the run-of-the-mill joints when instead of being handed a menu card I was asked what I wanted to eat.

Chef Simon Barton was giving me the choice to decide what I felt like eating.

I started with the Popeye Pizza and as the name suggests it was loaded with spinach, three types of cheese - aged parmesan, buffalo mozzarella, and feta along with a special chili paste that the Chef makes in-house.

I did not expect to like a pizza that is loaded with spinach instead of pepperoni, but to my surprise, it tasted amazing.

And why wouldn’t it? It was made with the freshest of ingredients right before my eyes.

I tried the Cheesy Garlic Bomb next (ask for the Viking Spicy Capsicum Dip to go with it) and paired it with a refreshing lemongrass cooler.

The Grand Finale to my pizza experience was the humble Chocolate Chip Cookie followed by a Cinnamon roll drizzled with Caramel sauce.

Viking Pizza felt like a place I could go to on my own and still have a blast.

The staff here is welcoming and willing to take your recommendations without any hang-ups.

It is always refreshing to meet a chef who can customize the food to your liking and has fun

experimenting with the ingredients. And this is exactly why Viking Pizza has become the favorite home delivery option for the vegetarians and Jains in the area.

Opened just 4 months ago, Simon Barton, Karan Assudani and Yash Gangwal have managed to create a charming place that serves authentic hand-tossed pizzas with the most exciting toppings.

So if you are in a mood for a pizza party this weekend this should be your pick.

Viking pizza is located at Hatiskar Marg, Tata Press Lane at Prabhadevi, Mumbai.

A meal for two would come to INR 1000.

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