Your Definitive Guide To Parsi Pickles - II

Your Definitive Guide To Parsi Pickles - II

prawn pickle kolmi nu pickle prawn pickle recipe pickles parsi pickles parsi pickles parsee pickles Kolmi nu achar or prawn pickle. Photo: Anjali Koli

In the first part of the series on Parsi pickles, we talked about the history and tradition of pickling in the community.

Here is a brief introduction to the whole range of Parsi pickles:

Gharab nu achar or fish roe pickle: Bhing or Herring roe is harvested in the monsoon season and pickled in spices and sugar cane vinegar. This one is surely a unique one.

Gajar mewa nu/ Lagan nu achar: Parsi wedding season is in winter, and that's when carrots are plenty. Select Delhi carrots are shredded and pickled with choicest of dry fruits to make this spicy-sweet pickle using sugarcane vinegar. So you know why this Gajar mewa nu achaar is called the Lagan nu achaar. It is served at the start and eaten with rotlis while the rest of the patra gets loaded at weddings and Navjyotes too.

Bafenu: This is no ordinary pickle made with ripe Alphonso mangoes pickled in a Parsi special blend of spices, mustard, jaggery and vinegar. The secret to a good bafenu is the steaming of the mangoes and the skill of blending the special spices.

Tarapori patio/ Bombil or Bombay Duck pickle: A fishy, sour and spicy pickle cooked on stove top using the dried Bombil or Bombay duck as the star ingredient.

lagan nu achar wedding pickles parsi wedding pickle parsee pickles Lagan nu achar is a pickle served at Parsi weddings. Photo: Anjali Koli

Kolmi nu achar or prawn pickle: The bestselling hot and sweet pickle made with the freshest of prawns bought at the Bhau Cha Dhakka, Mazgaon in Mumbai. Even the Bengalis are crazy after this one.

Methia nu achaar or mango & fenugreek pickle: A spicy unripe mango pickle married to the bitterness of fenugreek to create a symphony preserved in oil.

Vengna nu achar or brinjal pickle: Pickle made with brinjals, which tastes spicy and sour. This pickle is cooked on the stove top and a great option on parhezi days or in Bahman maino.

Mix veg achar: Much like the north Indians, the Parsis have their own mix veg achaar that you will love.

vengna nu achar brinjal achar brnjal pickle parsi pickles parsee pickles Vengna nu achar or brinjal pickle. Photo: Anjali Koli

Tamota ni chutney: Made with ripe tomatoes and studded with raisins, this sweet, spicy and sour chutney is a perfect accompaniment to fried food, with crackers or an innovative basting for the chicken.

Gosh nu achar or mutton pickle: It's yet another stove top cooked achaar using meat, and preserved in vinegar and spices lending the fragrance to this sweet and spicy mutton pickle.

Fish nu achaar (Bangda/ Rawas/ Surmai: These are made from both fresh and dried fish when in season and are preserved in oil with the usual pickling spices like mustard seeds, cumin powder etc.

Please note: These pickles are preservative free. The non-vegetarian pickles have a shelf life of a year under refrigeration.

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