Eat by Zodiac - Fire Signs & Chia Seeds

Eat by Zodiac - Fire Signs & Chia Seeds

Aries the Initiator, Leo the Leader and Sagittarius the Seeker, all have one thing in common – they are ruled by the element of fire.

They are often larger than life, ready to take on risks, and utterly self-sufficient. But, they are fiery, and can combust when their authority is questioned or criticised. To keep a cool head, and to allow their inspiration to flow freely, the Fire signs can benefit tremendously by making chia seeds a part of their daily intake.

Chia seeds are native to Mexico, and are not the same as sabja seeds, which come from the sweet basil plant. Though they do not contain the high iron content that basil seeds do, chia seeds are high in protein and Omega 3, and have beneficial cooling properties. This is what makes them invaluable to the Fire signs. Chia seeds help calm them down, and soothe their nerves.

The combination of chia seeds and sabja seeds works even better. While chia seeds provide the energy boost that is required by the Fire signs who are constantly on the go, sabja seeds help to regulate the acidity levels that tend to run high in the easily stressed Fire signs. No one is more concerned about their appearance than a Fire sign. They can be very weight-conscious and a bad hair day can bring on an instant case of the huffs. Chia seeds are excellent at maintaining stable weight and sabja seeds promote healthy hair and skin.

The impatient Fire signs should add a tablespoon of sabja seeds to a glass of water and glug that down, while they add a tablespoon of chia seed powder to a cooling green salad. Quick and easy energy boost – just what the Fire sign ordered!

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