8 reel-life dishes that we know from movies and TV shows and absolutely love

From Harry Potter's famous butterbeer to Ross's Moist Maker sandwich, these are some of the dishes we want on our table right now

8 reel-life dishes that we know from movies and TV shows and absolutely love

Living through COVID-19 meant watching the world around us turn upside down. As we went deeper into the global pandemic and stayed indoors while work from home blurred the lines between work and play, one of the few things that kept us going was compulsively binge-watching shows—new shows, old shows that gave us comfort and everything else in between. And at some point, we realised that all of us have looked at the food in movies and shows and wished for it to come alive. Kind of explains the crazy binge-ing while binge-watching too, no? So, we decided to list reel-life dishes that we dream of in real life. Read along to see if your favourite found a place on this list.

Ratatouille from Ratatouille

Ask any foodie and they will say, Remy was the hopeful rat they want to be when they are stuck on a recipe. The last dish that was whipped up in Ratatouille, the 2007 Pixar classic, was an iconic dish from France that passed the test of fictional food critic, Anton Ego. Filled with colour and different textures—this one you can order in real life, just have to find the perfect recipe or go to France.

The Moist Maker from Friends

Remember when we went to the office and lunch hour turned into a mini picnic at the desk with a variety of foods and ample choices? For Ross, though it was simple—certain meals weren't meant for sharing. The Moist Maker, a sandwich that his sister Monica made for him with leftover Thanksgiving dishes "was the only good thing going on" in his life. So when his co-worker ate it without notice, all hell broke loose. It makes one wonder, what was so special about the sandwich that made Ross flip a table? Guess, we'll never find out.

Butterbeer from the Harry Potter Series

Now, you can try Butterbeer at The Wizarding World in Orlando. But one can never be sure if that's the exact recipe. For those of you who haven't seen or read the Harry Potter series (Do you live under a rock?) Butterbeer was served at the Three Broomsticks and saw Harry, Ron and Hermoine ordering it every time they went to Hogsmeade. According to our research, the iconic drink has some alcohol and must taste like cream soda with butterscotch.

Lemon Cakes from Game Of Thrones

The eight seasons of the show saw a lot of ups and downs, however, one delicacy was spotted throughout the series—lemon cakes. Enjoyed by the nobility throughout the show, a favourite of Sansa Stark, this sweet treat is relatively easy to come by and whether or not we're watching the show, we'd like some just about now..

Pop's Milkshakes from Riverdale

If you ever read anArchie comic, you think of Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe as home and the fictional cafe finds equal importance in the Netflix Original adaptation, Riverdale too. Archie, Betty, Jughead and Veronica are always seen spending time at the diner and drinking the iconic milkshake. And though getting our hands on Pop's exact milkshake might be a far-fetched dream, a simple strawberry one you can surely treat yourself to.

Kevin's chili from The Office

Now, you might be thinking why is Kevin's chili on the list? What's so special about it? Well, if you're a fan of The Office, you know that he spilled it all over the floor and we never got to know what it tasted like. But we'd definitely like to find out.

Miss Trunchbull's chocolate cake from Matilda

Be it in Roald Dahl's book or 1996 remake movie, Matilda holds a special place in many of our hearts. And for those of us, it's hard to forget the cataclysm that glutinous Bruce Bogtrotter was met with, when Miss Trunchbull forced him to eat a whole 18-inch cake? Though we wouldn't exactly like to partake in Bruce's tragedy, the cake we'd perhaps like, partly because of nostalgia and partly because of how gorgeous it looked.

Turkish Delight from Narnia

Edmund Pevensie's favourite sweet, Turkish Delights are made of starch and powdered sugar and come in two flavours, rosewater and lemon. However in Narnia, Edmund Pevensie's had an enchanted version and it was offered to him by The White Witch. Like all of her magical food, it was highly addictive, making those who ate it want more. What we're confused about is how without ever having met her, we're already craving for some of those sweets. Maybe that's the power of magic (or a huge, insatiable appetite).

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