Celebrate the month of love with Start2Bake and an extra special set of classes

We have the perfect mix of eight classes, carefully curated to cater to each one of you and your Valentines

Celebrate the month of love with Start2Bake and an extra special set of classes

Denial may hold true for most cases, but Start2Bake, our sister-brand, can vouch for the fact that food and love are two sides of the same coin. Even for those of us who cannot cook at gunpoint, we have thought of picking up the pretty baking bowl to whip-up an oozy chocolate cake for our lovers. This may sound corny but can you deny it? We don't think so. Worry no more, because we have these amazing classes lined up just for you to go crazy in your kitchen with the ladles, mixes, ganache and whatever you may please to make the most out of the month of love.

Here's a closer look at the classes:

Cooking your way into your crush's life

Power-house baker, TV show host and chocolatier Tejasvi Chandela is hosting a workshop to ensure that we usher in V-day on the right note. What's more? She adds a boozy element to the desserts which is why this lesson is going to be a trippy one, we bet.

Date: Friday, 4th February

Cost: Rs 2,199 inclusive of GST

Time: 3 pm to 6 pm

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All's well that ends well, right?

If you're looking for that perfect dessert to make—the kind that'll keep you longing for more—then, this class has all the feels. Chef Zareen Shaikh divulges all of her baking secrets to make a compelling set of desserts, from a rosewater lychee mousse with raspberry compote to the cutest heart-shaped macarons.

Date: Wednesday, 9th February

Cost: Rs 1,799 inclusive of GST

Time: 4 pm to 7 pm

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Why should Emily have all the fun?

Imagine this—a quaint cafe by the Parisian streets, the gleaming Eiffel tower as your backdrop and cozying up to your love. You may not be heading towards the city of romance but we have conspired with chef Tara Deshpande to bring Paris to you through an assortment of desserts. Join this class to learn how to make the softest choux pastries for you and your partner.

Date: Friday, 11th February

Price: Rs 2,199 inclusive of GST

Time : 3 pm to 6 pm

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Count your blessings, not your calories

Don't let that carb-free diet take away all the happiness from your life because we've got recipe developer Sonal Vartak to make all of your fave desserts, from vanilla ice-creams and panna cottas to loaf cakes. Plus, they are all keto-friendly. Jaa Simran jaa, no FOMO anymore.

Date: Tuesday, 22nd February

Cost: Rs 1,899 inclusive of GST

Time: 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm

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But first, let me spread my table

In this recorded sesh, celebrity chef Maria Goretti will be teaching the best food combinations for your dinner-spread, so that there is one less thing you can worry about. Baked chicken, pasta, mulled wine, gluten-free orange butter cake, you name it and we have it. Learn all, make any and the best part? You can come back to this class whenever you're in the mood for some love (read: food).

Cost: Rs 2,499 inclusive of GST

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All things chocolate

This workshop is curated for all the pastry-chefs who want to amp up their baking game this month. We bring to you a delightful class of chocolate making by chocolatier Prateek Bakhtiani. We bet all those salacious chocolate ads that we grew up watching will feel closer to home.

Cost: 2,299 inclusive of GST

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Chase the passion... for baking

If an eggless, chocolate heaven was a real thing then this recorded workshop would be it. In this three hour affair, blogger, food stylist and recipe developer, Deeba Rajpal teaches us all about eggless desserts. Need we say more?

Cost: ₹1,799 inclusive of GST

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Bow down to the OG heart-strawbs

All things may change, but strawberry treats are forever. In this jamboree of all things beautiful, Pooja Ganeriwala has spilled her tips and tricks with us, because once you've tres leches-ed your way into someone's heart, we assure you, there is no way out.

Cost: 1,799 inclusive of GST

To sign up click here

Which one of these desserts are you going to try this Valentine's day? Share with us here.

Shreyasee Ghosh

Shreyasee Ghosh

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